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Posted 10/22/12 at 12:12 AM

The secret to Vogelsong's success? Enchiladas

Ryan Vogelsong has a tradition that includes eating enchiladas the night before a start. Many baseball players are wildly superstitious, and the postseason is no time to break with what has been working.

But rarely does a pregame meal trend on Twitter, and that's exactly what happened with Vogelsong's #RallyEnchiladas.

While the pitcher is not on Twitter, his wife is, and Vogelsong expected a full report by the time he got home after his masterful performance in Game 6 pushed the NLCS to the limit.

"She was telling me a little bit about it last night," Vogelsong said during his postgame press conference. "She knew better than to distract me with that today."

So did Ryan enjoy his pregame enchiladas?

"The enchiladas were good," Vogelsong said. "That place I get them from is always good. That's something I don't ever have to worry about."

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