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Amazin' season falls short
Cardinals 3, Mets 1
Endy Chavez robs Scott Rolen of a two-run homer, leading to a double play. (Al Bello/Getty)
 Endy's amazing catch: 350K
 Perez's solid six innings: 350K
 Wright's RBI single: 350K
 Valentin takes one in the chin: 350K
 Randolph's postgame remarks: 350K
 Mets players on Game 7: 350K
David Wright gave the Mets a good start with an RBI single in the first, and Endy Chavez's catch to rob the Cards of a two-run homer seemed to indicate a magical night was ahead. But Aaron Heilman allowed a tiebreaking two-run homer in the ninth that a subsequent rally couldn't overcome.
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October 19, 2006
   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   R   H   E 
St. Louis
0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2   3 6 1
NY Mets
1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0   1 4 1
Eckstein, SS3010000.231
Wilson, LF3000033.176
  a-Spiezio, PH1000010.235
  Taguchi, LF00000001.000
Pujols, 1B2000202.318
Encarnacion, RF4000014.182
Edmonds, CF3110110.227
Rolen, 3B4110002.238
Molina, C4122000.348
Belliard, 2B3011000.240
Suppan, P2000011.333
  Flores, P0000000.000
  b-Rodriguez, PH1000000.000
  Wainwright, P0000000.000

a-Struck out for Wilson in the 8th. b-Grounded out for Flores in the 9th.

2B: Eckstein (1, Perez).
HR: Molina (2, 9th inning off Heilman, 1 on, 1 out).
TB: Eckstein 2; Edmonds; Rolen; Molina 5; Belliard.
RBI: Belliard (2), Molina 2 (6).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Encarnacion; Suppan; Pujols.
S: Belliard; Suppan.
GIDP: Encarnacion.
Team LOB: 6.

E: Rolen (2, throw).

Reyes, SS5000002.281
Lo Duca, C4000100.207
  1-Hernandez, A, PR0000000.000
Beltran, CF4110113.296
Delgado, 1B1000311.304
Wright, 3B4011012.160
Green, RF3000114.304
Valentin, 2B3010013.250
Chavez, LF4010005.185
Perez, P2000000.000
  Bradford, P0000000.000
  a-Tucker, PH1000000.400
  Heilman, P0000000.000
  b-Floyd, PH1000012.000

a-Flied out for Bradford in the 7th. b-Struck out for Heilman in the 9th.
1-Ran for Lo Duca in the 9th.

2B: Beltran (1, Suppan).
TB: Beltran 2; Wright; Valentin; Chavez.
RBI: Wright (2).
2-out RBI: Wright.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Green; Chavez 3; Beltran 2.
Team LOB: 11.

E: Delgado (3, fielding).
Outfield assists: Chavez (Edmonds at 1st base).
DP: 2 (Wright-Valentin-Delgado, Chavez-Valentin-Delgado).

Suppan 7.02115200.60
Flores (W, 1-0)1.00000200.00
Wainwright (S, 2)1.02001200.00
Perez 6.04112404.63
Bradford 1.00000000.00
Heilman (L, 0-1)2.02221314.15

Suppan pitched to 1 batter in the 8th.

IBB: Green (by Suppan), Pujols (by Perez), Pujols (by Heilman).
HBP: Valentin (by Suppan), Eckstein (by Perez).
Pitches-strikes: Suppan 104-65, Flores 14-9, Wainwright 28-17, Perez 88-61, Bradford 13-10, Heilman 38-24.
Ground outs-fly outs: Suppan 8-11, Flores 1-0, Wainwright 0-1, Perez 5-9, Bradford 2-1, Heilman 3-0.
Batters faced: Suppan 30, Flores 3, Wainwright 6, Perez 24, Bradford 3, Heilman 9.
Inherited runners-scored: Flores 1-0.
Umpires: HP: Tim Welke. 1B: Jim Joyce. 2B: Jerry Layne. 3B: Fieldin Culbreth. LF: Jeff Kellogg. RF: Gary Darling.
Weather: 67 degrees, cloudy.
Wind: 12 mph, Out to LF.
T: 3:23.
Att: 56,357.

Box score official statistics approved by Major League Baseball Office of the Commissioner
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