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Giants break out with big inning to beat Jays

The Giants picked up Jonathan Sanchez, scoring five times in the sixth inning and notching a victory vs. the Blue Jays. Freddy Sanchez's three-run homer highlighted the big frame and ended up the difference.


MLB GAME PULSE: Charting the game's top moments with highlights and tweets
Torres, A, RF-LF5111124.285
Sanchez, F, 2B5123011.333
Huff, LF4321111.307
Schierholtz, RF0000000.262
Uribe, 3B4011113.279
Burrell, DH4112113.248
Posey, 1B5110024.303
Ishikawa, 1B0000000.276
Renteria, SS3120200.337
Rowand, CF5110014.220
Whiteside, C5010025.274
Lewis, F, LF4110100.286
Hill, A, 2B2000200.193
McDonald, Jo, 2B1112000.267
Lind, DH4020124.213
Wells, V, CF4000023.274
Wise, CF1100001.250
Gonzalez, Alex, SS4100001.269
Green, N, SS1000001.111
Bautista, RF4221110.227
Overbay, 1B3000121.236
Buck, C4033000.271
Encarnacion, 3B4000014.200
2B: Rowand (9, Tallet), Uribe (12, Janssen), Renteria (5, Purcey).
3B: Whiteside (1, Janssen).
HR: Huff (12, 3rd inning off Marcum, 0 on, 1 out), Sanchez, F (1, 6th inning off Tallet, 2 on, 1 out), Burrell (5, 8th inning off Purcey, 1 on, 2 out).
TB: Whiteside 3; Sanchez, F 5; Burrell 4; Uribe 2; Rowand 2; Torres, A; Huff 5; Renteria 3; Posey.
RBI: Huff (37), Torres, A (20), Sanchez, F 3 (17), Uribe (43), Burrell 2 (20).
2-out RBI: Burrell 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Burrell; Torres, A 3; Posey 3.
GIDP: Rowand.
Team RISP: 4-for-19.
Team LOB: 10.

E: Uribe (4, fielding).
Outfield assists: Torres, A (Buck at 2nd base).

2B: Lind (11, Bautista), Bautista (14, Affeldt).
HR: McDonald, Jo (1, 9th inning off Affeldt, 1 on, 0 out).
TB: Lind 3; Lewis, F; Bautista 3; McDonald, Jo 4; Buck 3.
RBI: Buck 3 (38), McDonald, Jo 2 (5), Bautista (46).
2-out RBI: Buck; Bautista.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Lind 2; Encarnacion 2; Wells, V; Overbay.
Team RISP: 2-for-7.
Team LOB: 10.

E: Encarnacion (7, throw), Lewis, F (1, fielding).
DP: (Encarnacion-Hill, A-Overbay).

Sanchez, J2.23325502.90
Bautista(W, 1-0)2.11000102.89
Wilson, Br(S, 19)0.10000102.12
Tallet(BS, 1)(L, 1-3)0.14551016.39
Game Scores: Sanchez, J 42, Marcum 56.
WP: Sanchez, J, Janssen.
IBB: Burrell (by Marcum).
HBP: Overbay (by Sanchez, J).
Pitches-strikes: Sanchez, J 73-36, Bautista 30-19, Mota 24-12, Romo 16-11, Affeldt 18-11, Wilson, Br 6-4, Marcum 102-58, Tallet 26-14, Janssen 30-21, Purcey 29-20.
Groundouts-flyouts: Sanchez, J 1-1, Bautista 4-1, Mota 2-2, Romo 0-0, Affeldt 1-1, Wilson, Br 0-0, Marcum 4-2, Tallet 0-1, Janssen 2-0, Purcey 1-2.
Batters faced: Sanchez, J 17, Bautista 8, Mota 7, Romo 4, Affeldt 6, Wilson, Br 1, Marcum 24, Tallet 6, Janssen 7, Purcey 9.
Inherited runners-scored: Bautista 2-0, Wilson, Br 1-0, Janssen 1-1.
Umpires: HP: CB Bucknor. 1B: Doug Eddings. 2B: Dana DeMuth. 3B: Kerwin Danley.
Weather: 81 degrees, sunny.
Wind: 12 mph, In from LF.
T: 3:27.
Att: 21,431.
Venue: Rogers Centre.
June 20, 2010
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media