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Sox build huge lead, cruise past Jays

Halting their skid, the Sox pounced on Ricky Romero, scoring 10 runs in the first three innings, including seven in the third. The support was more than enough for Jon Lester, who tossed six solid innings.


MLB GAME PULSE: Charting the game's top moments with highlights and tweets
Scutaro, SS3122000.281
Patterson, E, 2B3010021.220
McDonald, D, LF-RF5121111.271
Ortiz, D, DH4100203.258
Youkilis, 1B2112000.294
Shealy, 1B3000012.000
Beltre, A, 3B3321200.338
Drew, J, RF3100013.276
Nava, LF1100103.306
Cameron, CF4333100.291
Hall, 2B-SS4134000.239
Cash, C4100113.181
Lewis, F, LF4000111.276
Gonzalez, Al, SS2000010.254
McDonald, Jo, SS2111001.231
Bautista, RF2010100.240
1-Wise, PR-RF1000000.233
Wells, V, CF4110002.272
Buck, C4021001.273
Hill, A, 2B4000003.187
Overbay, 1B3010110.249
Encarnacion, 3B4000012.210
Molina, J, DH3111120.296
1-Ran for Bautista in the 6th.
2B: Beltre, A (26, Romero, R), Hall 2 (7, Janssen, Purcey).
HR: Hall (7, 2nd inning off Romero, R, 1 on, 2 out), Youkilis (18, 4th inning off Tallet, 0 on, 0 out), Beltre, A (13, 4th inning off Tallet, 0 on, 0 out), Cameron (3, 4th inning off Tallet, 0 on, 1 out).
TB: Scutaro 2; Beltre, A 6; Hall 8; McDonald, D 2; Youkilis 4; Cameron 6; Patterson, E.
RBI: Cameron 3 (14), Hall 4 (24), Youkilis 2 (57), Scutaro 2 (27), McDonald, D (22), Beltre, A (55).
2-out RBI: Cameron; Hall 3; Scutaro 2; McDonald, D.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Ortiz, D; Cash 2; Nava 2; Patterson, E.
SF: Youkilis; Hall.
GIDP: Ortiz, D.
Team RISP: 5-for-13.
Team LOB: 8.

DP: (Beltre, A-Patterson, E-Shealy).

2B: Buck (15, Lester), Wells, V (26, Manuel).
HR: McDonald, Jo (2, 6th inning off Lester, 0 on, 1 out), Molina, J (2, 7th inning off Manuel, 0 on, 2 out).
TB: Bautista; Wells, V 2; McDonald, Jo 4; Overbay; Molina, J 4; Buck 3.
RBI: McDonald, Jo (6), Buck (41), Molina, J (6).
2-out RBI: Buck; Molina, J.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Hill, A 2.
GIDP: Encarnacion.
Team RISP: 0-for-3.
Team LOB: 7.

E: Overbay (4, throw).
DP: (Frasor-Overbay-McDonald, Jo).

Lester(W, 11-3)6.04222612.78
Richardson, D1.01001001.93
Romero, R(L, 6-6)2.15953213.71
Game Scores: Lester , Romero, R .
Pitches-strikes: Lester 96-61, Manuel 40-24, Richardson, D 16-7, Romero, R 56-30, Tallet 43-24, Janssen 47-26, Purcey 43-27, Frasor 10-5.
Groundouts-flyouts: Lester 3-2, Manuel 1-4, Richardson, D 2-0, Romero, R 4-1, Tallet 1-1, Janssen 4-2, Purcey 2-1, Frasor 1-0.
Batters faced: Lester 24, Manuel 9, Richardson, D 4, Romero, R 16, Tallet 9, Janssen 10, Purcey 11, Frasor 3.
Inherited runners-scored: Tallet 3-3, Purcey 2-0.
Ejections: Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Casey Janssen ejected by 3B umpire Mark Carlson (6th)
Umpires: HP: Larry Vanover. 1B: Jeff Kellogg. 2B: Jeff Nelson. 3B: Mark Carlson.
Weather: 70 degrees, cloudy.
Wind: 4 mph, Out to RF.
T: 3:13.
Att: 27,567.
Venue: Rogers Centre.
July 9, 2010
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media