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Owners Dates
Fred Wilpon and his Sterling Equities partners acquired Nelson Doubleday's 50 percent in the team and became the sole owners of the club. Aug. 23, 2002
Nelson Doubleday and Fred Wilpon purchased the club from Doubleday & Co. Nov. 14, 1986
Ownership of the Mets changed hands for the first time in the club's history when Nelson Doubleday announced the Doubleday & Co., Inc. had purchased controlling interest in the team along with Fred Wilpon, Chairman of the Board of Sterling Equities Inc. and City Investing Co. The purchase price was $21 million, a then-record amount for a baseball club. Jan. 24, 1980
Mrs. De Roulet was named Chairman of the Board of the Mets.
She serves until the club is sold in January, 1980.
Jan. 1, 1978
Lorinda de Roulet was named president of the Mets, succeeding her mother, Mrs. Joan Payson. Dec. 6, 1975
Following the death of Mrs. Payson at the age of 72, her husband, Charles Shipman Payson, took over control of the club. Oct. 4, 1975
The National League officially awarded a New York franchise to Mrs. Joan Whitney Payson. Her partners include M. Donald Grant and G. Herbert Walker. Oct. 17, 1961