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Yankees in the Community

HOPE WEEK in the News

HOPE Week has been the subject many local, national and international news stories since its inception. Here is a small selection of highlights from over the years:

Girardi and President Obama

During an April 26, 2010, White House ceremony honoring the team's 2009 World Series championship, President Barack Obama publicly recognized the Yankees' HOPE Week initiative.

The Mission

Introduced in 2009 and heading into its ninth year in 2017, the Yankees' HOPE Week initiative (Helping Others Persevere & Excel) is rooted in the fundamental belief that acts of goodwill provide hope and encouragement to more than just the recipient of the gesture.

On each of five consecutive days during the celebration of HOPE Week, the Yankees shine a spotlight on a different individual, family or organization worthy of recognition and support. Each day is designed so honorees can share their inspirational stories with Yankees players, fans and the media, while being surprised with the day of their dreams. Though each day's celebration ultimately culminates with a visit to Yankee Stadium on the day of a game, outreach typically takes place at a location in the community that symbolizes the accomplishments of the honoree.

The Yankees have been proud to announce the dates of each year's HOPE Week at a kickoff event at George M. Steinbrenner Field during spring training. The announcement provides an opportunity to honor a local individual or institution that is doing great works in the Tampa Bay area, which is the Yankees' spring home.

At its core, HOPE Week is about people helping people. The one thing everybody has - no matter where they come from, what their financial situation is or what kind of skills they possess - is time. By involving every one of our players and coaches, Manager Joe Girardi, General Manager Brian Cashman and the entire front office staff during the celebration of HOPE Week, the Yankees are sending the message that everyone can give of themselves to make their community a better place.

Equally significant during HOPE Week is garnering publicity for the highlighted causes and organizations. The greatest challenge facing many not-for-profits is generating interest, awareness and funding for their missions.

United We Serve -

Since 2010, the Yankees have partnered with the White House's United We Serve initiative, raising awareness of the President's call for Americans to become more involved in community service. The Yankees encourage fans to visit to find volunteer opportunities in their communities.

Implementing the Initiative

The Yankees' HOPE Week initiative is an organizational effort, integrating players, coaches, the Yankees front office, dozens of sponsors and some of New York's most iconic social and corporate institutions.

The 2017 season will mark the sixth consecutive year in which all of the Yankees' U.S.-based affiliates will each hold their own HOPE Weeks, truly making this initiative one that the entire organization stands behind in words and in action.

The initial phase of HOPE Week planning involves the selection of the honorees. In order to draw on the most diverse and inspiring group possible, an online nomination form is made available to the public on Additionally, the Yankees Media Relations Department reviews general fan mail and independently reaches out to other public social institutions to find exceptional individuals to recognize.

HOPE Week is designed to be an event that fans look forward to every year. Throughout the five-day stretch of games, the HOPE Week narrative is woven into the Yankees' on-field activities. Honorees are treated like members of the team, joining players and coaches next to the hitting cage during batting practice and on the field after victories for celebratory high fives. They also participate in traditional pregame festivities, including ceremonial first pitches and the exchange of team lineup cards. Most importantly, all are given a platform to tell their inspiring stories in their own voices.

As is the HOPE Week tradition, all celebrants from prior years are invited back to celebrate with current honorees. The gesture of returning to give back where they once received symbolizes what HOPE Week aspires to be.

President's Volunteer Service Award

At the conclusion of every HOPE Week since 2010, the Yankees have been honored with the President's Volunteer Service Award, given "in recognition and appreciation of commitment to strengthening the nation and for making a difference through volunteer service." The awards were bestowed by the Corporation for National and Community Service, which implements the President's Call to Service.


Friends of Jaclyn

Daniel's Music Foundation

The Impact

Each of the five honorees during HOPE Week is given a day of their dreams, complete with surprise elements involving Yankees players, dignitaries and celebrities. Throughout the entire process, local, national and international media are given the opportunity to film, record and report on events to allow for comprehensive storytelling over a complete range of media platforms. The goal is to give these exemplary individuals the largest possible audience to hear their inspirational messages.

All events are designed to generate attention and raise the profile of serious social issues affecting our nation and the world. Beyond getting these stories into the mainstream media, the Yankees organization looks to reward honorees for their fortitude in the face of adversity.

The attention that HOPE Week has brought to different causes and charities has changed lives permanently for the better. Within three weeks of being honored during the 2011 celebration, Daniel's Music Foundation was able to increase the number of students in its programs from 150 to 250, allowing 100 additional disabled men, women and children in New York City to receive free therapeutic music instruction. More recently, the group moved into a new, state-of-the-art, 8,700-square-foot barrier-free music studio and education center to better serve their clients.

The Yankees are proud that the Minnesota Twins have been inspired to hold their own HOPE Week the last five seasons. Other organizations and community groups, including Southern Boulevard School Elementary school in Chatham Township, N.J., have also begun similar HOPE-themed projects to give back in their respective communities. In 2014 and 2015, each grade at Southern Boulevard School took on a different service initiative, inspired by the notion that no one is too young to begin giving back.

Direct Giving

In addition to bringing attention to the honorees' inspirational endeavors, the Yankees have made $10,000 donations to not-for-profit organizations every time a HOPE Week honoree has received recognition. During the most recent HOPE Week, the Yankees Foundation made the following donations.

Monday, May 22, 2017:
The Yankees donated $10,000 to the Icla da Silva Foundation

Tuesday, May 23, 2017:
The Yankees donated $10,000 to Amy's One Step Ahead Foundation

Wednesday, May 24, 2017:
To honor the work of the "Comedy Kids," the Yankees donated $7,500 to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and $2,500 to A Kid's Brain Tumor Cure Foundation.

Thursday, May 25, 2017:
The Yankees donated $10,000 to A Moment of Magic.

Friday, May 26, 2017:
The Yankees donated $10,000 to the U.S. Pain Foundation.

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Visit the HOPE WEEK ARCHIVE, including video profiles of every honoree since the start of the initiative.
Hope Week Archive

2017 HOPE Week Honorees

Monday, May 22

Established in 1992, the Icla da Silva Foundation is the largest recruitment center for the "Be the Match" bone marrow registry in the United States, recruiting over 38,000 new potential donors every year with a strong focus on minority communities. Thanks to the work of the foundation, 11-year-old Victor García [at L] received a lifesaving bone marrow transplant from his 7-year-old sister, Nayyelyn [at R].

Tuesday, May 23

In the 15 years after losing her lower left leg in a motorcycle accident, Amy Palmiero-Winters became a world class distance runner and 2009 Sullivan Award winner as the top amateur athlete in the United States. In 2010, she created "Amy's One Step Ahead Foundation" to provide inspiration and opportunities for people with disabilities.

Wednesday, May 24

Founded by 8-year-olds Max Chwatko and his friend Alex Travin, the "Comedy Kids" raise money for charity by telling jokes. The inspiration for starting the organization came from wanting to help Max's younger sister, Scarlett, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Thursday, May 25

With the help of college-age volunteers, "A Moment of Magic" visits sick children (primarily those with pediatric cancer), in hospitals, schools and social service institutions. Volunteers arrive dressed as princesses from children's movies, giving the young patients a special visit from their heroes.

Friday, May 26

Inspired by his mother, who manages a number of chronic medical conditions, 14-year-old Tyler Cashman created "Points for Pain," an initiative designed to raise awareness of the plights of those with chronic illnesses. All the money raised by "Points for Pain" is donated to a summer camp for children living with chronic ailments. Located in Kentucky, the camp is hosted by the U.S. Pain Foundation.