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Season Ticket Licensee of the Month

Every season, the Yankees recognize Season Ticket Licensees for their loyalty and support. The Yankees would like to congratulate the July Season Ticket Licensee of the Month, Paula Miritello.

STL of the Month

Yorktown Heights, New York

Season Ticket Seat Location:

Section 234

Season Ticket Plan:

Full Season

Yankees Season Ticket Licensee Since:


Favorite Current Player:

Derek Jeter

Favorite All-Time Player:

Bernie Williams/Derek Jeter

Favorite Yankee Stadium Concession:

Hebrew National hot dogs

Favorite Yankees Memory:

My first Yankees game was Doc Gooden's no-hitter. I had no idea what a historic game it was. Since it was my first game, I thought all pitchers were carried off the field. It was not until I got home that I realized just how rare that game was. I truly love baseball, and the Yankees and I have been hooked ever since.

Hidden Yankee Stadium Gem:

The Stadium is magnificent - everything about it, from watching a game to walking around the Great Hall. I cannot pinpoint one gem! I love it all!

Best Part of Being a Season Ticket Licensee:

Access to all the big games! Licensing seats throughout the year brings a "feels like home" comfort. It makes you feel even more like a part of the Yankees family.

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