On the latest Players Talk, Detroit Tigers center fielder Curtis Granderson discusses the mentality he takes to the plate as a leadoff hitter, the school subjects and sports he enjoyed as a child and his post-baseball career aspirations, which lie in the field of academia.

Granderson is having a breakout year in his second full Major League season. In addition to leading all of baseball with 17 triples, he has amassed 16 home runs and 53 RBIs to go along with an even .300 average.

Despite his success at the plate and in the field this season, the 26-year old is not resting on his laurels. Granderson says in order to reach his goals, it's important to continuously hone his physical and mental skills.

"I keep asking questions, be it over the course of a game, series, or season, because I definitely don't know this whole thing yet," says Granderson. "There's always something new to add to my plate that either I didn't know or that will confirm something I've learned in the past."