First and foremost, the champagne always tastes great when you make the playoffs. It's a feeling that you love. It's good to have fun after having a long and tough season.

We went through a lot at the beginning of the season, but we finally made it to where we want -- the playoffs. To get to this point is great. Now we want to win 11 more games. That's it.

Once the clinching game was over, it's great to see your teammates celebrate. The guys are excited, and you love to see how much they enjoy it. The players and coaches deserve to have fun, and it's something you want to enjoy together.

This is the fourth time I've been with a playoff team. My first time was back in 1997 with Houston. I never got the opportunity during my years in Philadelphia. Then I had opportunities -- in 2006 and 2007 -- with the Yankees, so I know what it's all about. With that experience you just want to keep it going.

Even though this is my first year with this team, it's now family to me. From the moment I got here, these guys made me feel a part of this family. I feel very comfortable with the Angels, and that helps to make this exciting.

We have some time before our first playoff game, and we have some games to play before the playoffs begin. Between now and then, nothing will change in the way I go about my work. I'm going to continue to play the game the way I've been playing year-round. I'm going to keep my approach and try not to lose that.

Boston will be our first-round opponent, and you do start thinking about that -- really, at all times. We have a few more games to help us get ready for that challenge, but, between now and then, you're always preparing for what's coming next.

This team has not had a lot of success against Boston before in the playoffs, but right now, that doesn't matter. That's in the past. This is a different team, and we have a new beginning. The playoffs are really a whole new season, and I think we're going to turn it around and win the series.

I think our team can go all the way.

Two-time All-Star Bobby Abreu has a .292 average, .393 on-base average, 14 home runs, 101 RBIs and has scored 92 runs over 147 games in his first season with the Angels, who, barring a historic collapse by Boston, will open their Division Series against the Red Sox next week. The left-handed hitting Venezuelan had a single, double and triple in Los Angeles' 11-0, American League West-clinching win over Texas on Monday night.