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Major League Baseball players have teamed up with Volunteers of America to recruit and help train a new generation of volunteers. Major Leaguers and high school students across the country are dedicated to encouraging more students to get involved and volunteer. These students become Action Team captains, who spread the players' message about the importance of community service to teens in their area. To date, more than 40,000 students have made a difference in their communities through the Action Teams, helping over 145,000 people where they live.

What do Action Team members do? They volunteer in ways their communities need -- from assisting in local daycare and reading programs, to serving meals in shelters and soup kitchens. With offices around the country, Volunteers of America connects Action Team students with local programs and people who need the help of energetic teens.

When you get involved in community service, you'll discover:

  • Volunteering is fun and personally rewarding.
  • Community service teaches important life lessons.
  • You really can make a difference by helping others.

You'll also acquire valuable community service experience to include on college and job applications.

To find out how you can join the action, please contact the Volunteers of America office in your area for information to determine if your school can get involved.

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