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Hall of Fame Club Meeting Room & Draft Room
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Make your next event the best! Call Phillies Special Events at 215-218-5100 or e-mail us.

What a great way to combine business with pleasure!

Conveniently located on the Hall of Fame Club Level, these upscale meeting rooms include comfortable seating that invokes energy and creativity from all your team players. Use of our flat screen televisions, state-of-the-art sound system and other high-tech amenities are sure ways to impress.

Add a little flair to your gathering with our catered food options, and don't forget to conclude your successful day with an upbeat cocktail party on the adjacent patio deck.
Inside the Meeting Room:

 Location Capacities Seated Event Reception Room Size
 The Diamond Club 250 guests 500 guests 12,500 square feet
 Hall of Fame Club Meeting Room 30 40 805 sf
 Draft Room 25 - 730 sf
 Cooperstown Gallery - 100 -
 Hall of Fame Club First Base Side 100 400 9,000 sf
 Hall of Fame Club Third Base Side 100 400 10,375 sf
 Main Concourse and Plazas 1,200 5,000 -
 Executive Dining Room 90 125 1,700 sf