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Phanatic Around Town

Meet the Artists

Twenty standout artists were selected to paint six-foot, one hundred pound, fiberglass statues of the Phillie Phanatic as part of the Phanatic Around Town public art project. Each artist was selected for their unique vision of what their Phanatic statue would look like.

Please see below for brief biographies of the artists selected, where their statues will be on display, title of their Phanatic design, and hometown.

  • Artists

Bridgett Bonn-Wagner »
Brian Condron »
Jacqueline Cornette »
Ted Dastick, Jr. »
Donnamarie Davis »
Lilliana DiDovic »
Dan Fione »
Gary Jameson »
Lorna Kent »
Ginny Lang »
Clifford W. Lentz III »
Thom Lessner »
Melissa Maani »
Max Mason »
Tom McLaughlin »
David McShane »
Norma J. Neimeister »
Ronnie Norpel »
Marta Sanchez »
Dane Tilghman »
Deborah Waldron »