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Step-By-Step Ticket Printing Guide

1. To print tickets, click on the My Ticket Inventory tab. Once there, choose Print Tickets from the Ticket Action dropdown.

2. Choose the event and tickets you would like to print. You can sort your inventory by event, month, or order. Once you've selected tickets, click Continue.

3. Confirm on this page that these are the tickets youÂ’d like to print. If these are correct, click Print Tickets. Please note: This action will reissue the same ticket/barcode as the original ticket. If your original tickets need to be voided, please contact our Sales Office at 215-463-5000.

4. To print your tickets, click on the View and Print button. This will show a pop-up window containing your tickets. Please Note: If you do not receive a pop-up message, make sure that your browser has pop-ups allowed for this site.