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Season Ticket Holder of the Month

Shane, Seth, Sean, Val and Art Ehlo

Seat Location: Section 138, Row 5

How long has your family had season tickets?

We've had them since 2008, not a bad year to start.

Who is your favorite current player and why?

We love all the Phillies, love how Utley plays and the things he does when he doesn't have the ball. Rollins still brings it and Lee's just a gamer-runs on and off the field. Too many great things about the Phillies to have a favorite.

Who is your favorite player of all time and why?

Again, we have too many: Bill White, Bunning, Allen, Ruben, Cookie, Schmidt, Bowa, Utley, Rollins, Rauuuul-there isn't enough room here-all Phillies.

What is your best memory as a fan?

I like watching my kids get autographs at the games - Koufax, Ripken, LaRussa, Kiner, Kalas, Lasorda, Montgomery, Wade, Giles, Bowa, Sanguillen, Gillick, Sutton, C Jones, Pujols, Santo, Franco, Glavine, Nuxhall, plus hundreds more.

What is the best Phillies moment you've witnessed in person?

This is too tough of a question. Halladay's no hitter, winning the World Series in '08, Rollins' walk off double in game 4 of the '09 NLCS, Utley's '08 homer in WS game 1 in Tampa.

What is your favorite concession?

I like all of the vendors. They go out of their way to make sure I have my Bud Light Lime or to just talk. I'll buy a beer for a friend across the stadium or for a future game and they will get it to them.

If you were a player, what song would you want played while you were announced to bat?

"This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan. I would change some of the lyrics though. For example, "South Central" would become "South Philly Does It Like Nobody Does". Then I'd hit a bomb just over the shortstop's head and slide into second with a stand up double.

What position would you play if you were a member of the Phillies and why?

I'd throw batting practice and then shag balls in the outfield. Best part of the game, catching balls behind the back, toe flips, just hanging out and having fun.

What is the best part of Citizens Bank Park?

Other than being a great stadium with no bad seat, the game day employees are respectful and make it nice to be at the game with your family or friends. I like how they rotate ushers. That way we get to know all of them.

What is the best part of being a season ticket holder?

Having 83 games to go to each year.

Have you ever caught a foul ball or homerun, if so who hit it?

We are in foul territory but our sons (Sean, Seth & Shane) have about 220 balls. Shane got a World Series ball in 2009 from Sam Arnone (a great ball girl) off Rollins bat and thrown by AJ Burnett. They have throwback HR balls, walk-off gamers, BP balls etc. I've caught one, been hit by one and coached kids near us how to get one. One of the best smells in the world is a rubbed up MLB game ball. I've been on TV many a time smelling one and passing it around for others to sniff too. A video was posted with me smelling a ball then passing out that kind of went viral and was talked about on morning shows that it must have been my first ball-if they only knew-wait, now they do.

If you could start any Phillies pitcher in Game 7 of the World Series who would it be and why?

Bunning, Roberts or Carlton. Hall of Famers, the best of the best - don't have to say any more.

Do you remember the first Phillies game you ever attended as a fan? If so when was it?

I was probably about 7 so maybe 1963 at Connie Mack stadium. Loved watching players play pepper and fool around in batting practice.

What is your favorite promotion or giveaway?

The Bobble Heads, hands down.

If you could have dinner with one Phillies player who would it be and why?

Would enjoy dining with any of the 50's or 60's players. I would love to hear stories from that era. Maybe Bill White, Tim McCarver, Dick Allen, the late great Richie Ashburn.

Have you ever traveled to other stadiums to see the Phillies play, if so which ones?

Shea Stadium, Citi Field, PNC Park, Tropicana Field and Nationals Park. Have also been to Fenway, both Yankees and Oriole Park. Snuck into Memorial in Baltimore after it closed just to check it out.

Do you have any superstitions or traditions related to watching the Phillies?

I always have the same attendant frisk me on the way in and out (in case I have a stadium seat on me I joke) of the Park plus have my ticket scanned by the same guy. I do my own "roll-call" in the first inning to Jimmeee, Downtown Dom Brown, Michael and Chase the Base Utley. Once in a while Jimmy will acknowledge me. Rauuul usually gave me a tip of the cap when he played here as did Pat the Bat. My wife and kids don't like me doing it but I can't help myself.

Any stories or facts that you would like to add?

I collect game used hats, jersey etc. so I always try to add to my collection. I came home from Washington last year with an umpire's hat and a coach's hat. I'd like someone to start the wave in between section 137/138 with it going in opposite directions to see the crash in 109 I saw Vince Papale sitting in the back of 138 once with his son and had them come down to sit with us, since my buddies seats were open and he wasn't coming-got Vince's son a ball and autographs for the ball girl, ushers and even my buddy on a beer. I showed Rasheed Wallace how to get out of the stadium fast after a playoff game so he didn't get mobbed. Someone posted a YouTube video of me trying to get the fans going just before Rollins walk off double in the Dodgers playoff game. I always want to get there early when the gates open and we don't leave a game early.