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All-time Broadcasters

Year Name
2009 Greg Brown, Tim Neverett, Bob Walk, Steve Blass and John Wehner
2005-08 Lanny Frattare, Greg Brown, Bob Walk, Steve Blass and John Wehner
1994-2004 Lanny Frattare, Greg Brown, Steve Blass and Bob Walk
1993 Lanny Frattare, Steve Blass and Jim Rooker
1990-92 Lanny Frattare, Steve Blass, Kent Derdivanis and Jim Rooker
1986-89 Lanny Frattare, Steve Blass, John Sanders and Jim Rooker
1985 Bob Prince, Lanny Frattare, John Sanders and Jim Rooker
1981-83 Lanny Frattare, Jim Rooker and John Sanders
1980 Lanny Frattare
1976-79 Milo Hamilton and Lanny Frattare
1970-75 Bob Prince and Nellie King
1967-69 Bob Prince, Jim Woods and Nellie King
1963-66 Bob Prince and Jim Woods
1958-62 Bob Prince, Jim Woods and Paul Long
1957 Bob Prince and Paul Long
1955-56 Bob Prince
1948-54 Rosey Rowswell, Bob Prince
1942-47 Rosey Rowswell and Jack Craddock
1936-41 Rosey Rowswell
1933-34 Al Helfer and Rosey Rowswell
1921 Harold Arlin
The preceeding is a chronology of the Pirates radio broadcast teams over the years. Most of the years have been with KDKA (continuous since 1955) but WWSW was also the Pirates' flagship station at one time.
Information for this page has been provided by Doug Pappas, Matt Bohn and SABR.