DENVER -- Mets third baseman David Wright reached third base in the third inning Friday and said he began "messing with" Rockies counterpart Nolan Arenado. Wright took a hit away from Arenado on Friday, something Arenado did to Wright on Thursday.

"I told him, 'You start letting mine go through, I'll start letting yours go through,'" Wright said.

Arenado, 23, entered Saturday with a 22-game hitting streak and last season became the first rookie third baseman in the National League to win a Gold Glove Award. Wright, 31, won a Gold Glove in 2007 and '08, and can appreciate Arenado's defensive artistry more than most.

"It's one thing to make the routine play, which he certainly does," Wright said, "but it seems like he gets very good instinct as far as positioning himself, [for] that first step, which is obviously very important playing third base. It looks like he's quick. It looks like he's instinctive. Those are all good traits to have for a third baseman."