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Extra Innings at Derek's Dugout
Three Rivers Area Mentoring

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T.R.A.M. • Extra Innings at Derek's Dugout 2011-12 Program Year

  • About TRAM: The program meets every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m. Elementary and middle school children enjoy a snack upon arrival followed by a scheduled activity. They end each day with at least 45 minutes of homework time.
  • TRAM Program Goals: TRAM strives to provide a safe, disciplined and drug-free after-school environment. TRAM addresses its goal of early intervention and prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use through scheduled presenters.
  • TRAM Community Service Goals: TRAM's goal to promote community service is regularly being met through scheduled coat drives for "Make a Difference Day," volunteering at the Free Store, and through partnerships with 4-H, the Sustainability Council, and the United Way Youth Group.

MAY 2012

The program year ended in a great way with the students finally being able to put on their play for friends and families that they had worked on so hard throughout the year. The play proved to be a success and had a full house of supporters. The participants spent the last day looking at photos in a slideshow of all their events and activities throughout the year. The children were all very excited and proud of all their hard work and everything they had accomplished throughout the year.

APRIL 2012

In April, he participants were very busy rehearsing for their upcoming play. The children also participated in the celebration of Earth Day, by going downtown and helping to clean up a park. The residents of the area were very appreciative and the children received many thanks. The highlight of the month was TRAM's Sixth Annual Glow Bowl, where all TRAM participants had a chance to bowl for free thanks to support from the community.

MARCH 2012

The youth took advantage of the beautiful weather in March. Throughout the month they took walks through different parks in Three Rivers and event flew kites one day. The youth also received a visit from the Kalamazoo Jeter's Leaders. During the visit they were able to bond and get to know each other better by playing different games. Another highlight in the exciting month was a trip to Skate Galaxy, where the students had a great time skating. The children got into the holiday spirit by celebrating St. Patrick's Day by writing limericks and making headbands.


The participants continued to work toward their goals in February. They were also able to have a celebration of Valentine's Day with a party with many delicious treats as well as fun crafts and games. The month also marked the beginning of play rehearsals for their upcoming play, "Eggheads." Practices will be held every Thursday until the final date of the show at the end of the program year.


The new year got off to a great start for the participants. They came together to write down new year resolutions on a board in the main classroom. Throughout the year when a student completes a resolution they will celebrate it. All youth had to come up with a challenging, yet attainable resolution to be completed by the end of May. One of the program's main goals for the year was to get the children to know each other better and trust each other better, therefore more team building exercises would be incorporated throughout the year. Another goal of the year was to make the after-school participants feel comfortable by eliminating bullying and disrespect.


December was an exciting month for participants of the program as they participated in various holiday activities. The participants took part in the "Joy of Giving" shopping activity. Students had a chance to pick out presents for members of their household and wrap them as well. The children were very excited about this because it gave them the chance to give back to their families. The excitement continued when they participated in Turn 2's Holiday Express in Kalamazoo for an amazing event. Along with other participants of Turn 2's West Michigan Signature and Support Programs they were treated to a private screening of the movie, "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-wrecked" at Rave Motion Pictures. After the movie they were surprised with special visits from Derek and Santa Claus, and were all given special holiday gift bags.


November was a fun month for the after-school participants. The month started off with a trip to Hubert McDonald's Farm. The children went on a hayride through the woods, bicycle rides and a train ride. They finished the trip by roasting smores and drinking hot cocoa. At the end of the month the participants had a Thanksgiving party with a big feast and enjoyed fun games and activities.


The 2011-12 program year of Extra Innings at Derek's Dugout got off to a great start as participants took advantage of the great fall weather. The participants spent time at the petting zoo in Scidmore Park several times throughout the month. The children also participated in the "Let's Jump" event, which was put on by National Geographic Kids and United Healthcare. Kids all over the country jumped at the same time for one minute. The goal was to have more than 20,000 people nationwide jumping at the same time. Later in the month, the participants helped out with TRAM's Annual Coat Drive, which was held on Oct. 22.

TRAM 2010-11 Program Year »
TRAM 2009-10 Program Year
TRAM 2008-09 Program Year

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