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2009-10 Kalamazoo Signature Program's Annual Trip
Contributions from Alexis, Jeter's Leaders member since 2010

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On Aug. 29, 2010, Turn 2's Kalamazoo Signature Programs took a trip to Chicago to watch Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees take on the Chicago White Sox in an exciting game at U.S. Cellular Field. The group consisted of participants from the Jeter's Leaders, Proud to Be Me-Douglass, TRAM-Extra Innings at Derek's Dugout, Youth in Action and Proud to Be Me-Washington programs, along with attendees from Turn 2's Kalamazoo Baseball Clinic.

The children had a great time on the bus trip to Chicago. They enjoyed a lunch provided by Harding's Supermarket as they talked about what they did during the summer. To make the journey even more fun, the program directors brought games to play and supplied raffle tickets with prizes for the students to win!

As they approached U.S. Cellular Field, the students erupted in cheers when they saw the stadium! Wearing a Turn 2 Foundation T-shirt with Derek's No. 2 on the back, the participants filed off the buses as fast as they could. Everyone was given a food voucher and a beverage supplied by Pepsi to take with them into the game.

Upon arriving at their seats, the group was happy to learn that the White Sox organization would be honoring former first baseman Frank Thomas, by retiring his number prior to the game. Also known as "The Big Hurt," Thomas is one of the most memorable players in White Sox history. His resume includes five MLB All-Star nominations, four Silver Slugger awards and two American League MVP awards. Additionally, Thomas is recognized for hitting more than 500 home runs, accumulating over 1,700 RBIs and scoring almost 1,500 runs throughout his career. As he was called onto the field, the group joined the other 40,000 fans by giving the White Sox great a standing ovation, while watching as his No. 35 was placed on the left-center field wall among the other retired numbers. Everyone was grateful that they were able to take part in the special moment.

Following the ceremony, players from both teams were announced. The students cheered as loud as they could when they heard Derek's name! They were proud to represent Turn 2 and Derek and were excited to be wearing his number on the back of their T-shirts. The Yankees led the game early, by scoring two runs by the third inning. Although the White Sox scored a run in the fifth, the Yankees were able to maintain their defense and didn't allow the Sox to score the rest of the game. The children cheered after the White Sox made the final out in the bottom of the ninth with the Yankees taking the victory, 2-1!

On the bus trip back to Kalamazoo, the students enjoyed a snack and drink from Speedy Chick and Side Track which was generously donated by Turn 2's Resource Council member Dave Stevenson. The students, program directors and chaperones all had a great time! They are looking forward to their trip next year in summer 2011. Turn 2 would like to thank everyone who participated and donated their services to make this year's Kalamazoo annual trip a success!

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