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Stats, First Half

Created 2018-07-17T11:19:04-0400

Stats, 7/10

Created 2018-07-10T11:00:56-0400

Stats, 7/9

Created 2018-07-09T10:46:02-0400

Stats, 7/8

Created 2018-07-08T09:24:01-0400

Stats, 7/6

Created 2018-07-06T09:56:27-0400

Stats, 7/5

Created 2018-07-05T11:39:59-0400

Stats, 7/4

Created 2018-07-04T09:46:32-0400

Stats, 7/3

Created 2018-07-03T09:37:43-0400

Stats, 7/2

Created 2018-07-02T10:54:14-0400

Stats, 7/1

Created 2018-07-01T09:22:51-0400