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Welcome to the New York Yankees Legacy Club scrapbook. We are proud to count our Season Ticket Licensees among the Yankees family and look forward to sharing many more historic moments together.

Let's take a look at the most memorable Licensee events and moments of 2013.

Mariano Rivera Farewell Meet and Greet

Mark Teixeira Meet and Greet

Play Catch at Yankee Stadium presented by Majestic

"Hi Ken - Adam and his kids had an awesome time playing catch on the field this weekend. " - Thank you, Kelly Murphy

Youth Day

"Thank you so much for inviting me to Youth Day and for letting me feel Yankee grass. It was awesome being on the field like I was a real baseball player." - Maverick Cortes

Kids Run the Bases presented by Majestic

"Just wanted to say thank you VERY much for the passes for base running today. The kids had a fantastic time and it really made the day one to remember. The Yankees are and have always been a first class organization and really made my son's birthday very special." - Garett Rosenblum

Photo Day presented by Canon

"That Canon Photo Day was probably the BEST event that the Yankees have put together in 20 years. It was done extremely well. Mariano was royalty. He stopped, took the time to talk and took pictures with EVERYBODY. The police had to pull him off the field in order for the game to start. He was unbelievable." - Glenn Thomas

Private Yankee Stadium Tour

"When I accepted the Yankees invitation to attend a private tour of Yankee Stadium little did I expect that July 2, 2013 would perhaps be our most exciting and awesome experience at Yankee Stadium. The tour was just too good to describe." - Mathew J. Mari

Holiday Photo at Yankee Stadium

"We had so much fun. The pictures are hysterically funny. We will use them for our X-mas card. Thanks again! " - Christina Milano

Take the Field at Yankee Stadium

"I did want to thank you and the Yankees for Monday's event. Not only did I have a great time with my family but it appeared that everyone there had a great time. I cannot find one flaw in the way the matter was handled. The groups were a good size, the rotation and events were well-planned, the food great and the timing perfect. We still do not understand how you were able to arrange such beautiful weather but I guess the Yankees can do anything. Again, we thank you and we look forward to attending the event next year." - Chuck D'Agostino

Season Ticket Licensee of the Game

April 16
John Mascia
April 17
Fran DePeter
April 26
Liling Yung
April 28
Jack Sciortino
May 15
Anthony Testa
May 17
Joseph Peluso
May 19
Gary Rosenblatt
May 31
Ryan Licker
June 4
Jeff Seidel
June 19
George Burr
June 25
Frank Beck
July 6
Fred Bragaglia
July 26
Rudy Palmer
July 27
Drew Jaglom
August 14
Janet Zagorin
August 22
Andrea Coyle
August 30
Bill Epifanio
August 31
Sue Conroy
September 4
Sara Toguchi
September 6
Kevin Kulinowski