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Compadres Fan Rewards

Compadres FAQ

Compadres Centers are located near Sections 109, 135 and Palm Court Plaza. Compadres Centers are open during all Padres home games from the time gates open through the 7th inning.

We love to hear feedback from Compadres! Email or call 619.795.5022 for questions and feedback.


What is Compadres Fan Rewards? »

Who is eligible for Compadres Fan Rewards? »

What is the purpose of Compadres Fan Rewards? »

Is there a cost to join?

Where can I read the program terms and conditions? »

Do I need a computer or mobile device to participate? »


What are points and how do I get them? »

How can I earn points? »

Can I purchase points? »

Will points expire? »

I believe there was an error in my points calculation, what should I do? »


What can I do with my points? »

What sorts of items are available through the auctions, marketplace and sweepstakes? »

How many points can I bid on an auction? »

Can I win an auction multiple times? »

Do I lose points used to bid if I don't win an Auction? »

What are membership tiers? »


What is E-Cash? »

Where can I use E-cash? »

How do I load funds to my card to receive 10% cash back? »

What is auto-reload? »

Can I use e-cash at non-baseball events? »

Is there a minimum or maximum e-cash balance? »

Will my e-cash be available after the end of the season? »

What are the Padres doing to protect my credit card information? »

How do I correct an erroneous charge made to my e-cash balance? »


What is the Ballpark application? »

How does the mobile application work for my experience? »

Can everyone use mobile? »

How do I use mobile? »

Why would I use mobile? »


If I have a question or support issue what should I do? »

I have completed the activities, but I did not earn points right away. Why is that? »