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Digital FAQ's

Ticketing FAQ

Will I receive commemorative tickets?

  • All members will receive a commemorative souvenir ticket for Opening Day. In addition, Members will receive a commemorative Padres lanyard to hold your Membership card and be able to print a souvenir ticket after a game has passed by contacting your account specialist.

What if I have more than one season ticket? Do I get more than one card?

  • The Membership card represents a person, not a seat. All tickets will be loaded to the account holder's card and account holders can nominate share partners, who will each receive their own personalized Membership card to share the Membership experience. One tap at our new digital turnstiles will allow for entry of every ticket on that card. The account holder can keep all tickets on her/his card for entry or forward tickets to any person easily via the online portal.

What about ticket transfers/exchanges/resales?

  • The Membership card is fully dynamic – it captures any ticket activity in real-time for your convenience. Any tickets forwarded, exchanged, or resold will automatically be added or removed from your card instantly. My Padres Account is an online ticket account management system that allows you to easily and securely transfer, donate or print your tickets, sell your tickets through Stubhub, view and your invoice online, and buy additional tickets.

What if I don't want to participate?

  • If you choose to opt-out, we will print your tickets on standard ticket stock and deliver them by Opening Day. However, the future of ticketing and your experience is digital, and there are a number of experiential elements at Petco that you will miss by opting out.

When will I receive my Membership card?

  • Your card will be delivered in early March with the rest of your Membership package.

What if I lose my card?

  • The cards are easily deactivated so Members are never in danger of losing their tickets or stored value. Replacement cards will be $10 and available in-person at Membership Headquarters at Petco Park, online via your account manager, or by calling your account service specialist.
E-cash FAQ

How does my concessions discount work?

  • By showing and scanning your Membership card or smartphone at any location in Petco, you receive a 10% discount. If you use stored value e-cash on your Membership card to make your purchase, your discount automatically jump to 15%. Either way, all you need to do as a Member is scan your card with one of the new digital readers at each location.

Do I have to have my card to get the discount?

  • Yes. Scanning your Membership card (either the physical card or your smartphone version) with every purchase is required to receive your discount.

Will people using my tickets receive a discount as well?

  • A Membership card is required to receive the discount. If you have nominated someone as a share partner and she/he has their own Membership card, they will receive the same discount. Anyone using tickets who doesn't have a Membership card will not receive the discount.

How do I load funds to my card to receive the larger discount?

  • Through the new online portal, there is a section labeled "e-cash" that allows you to load funds to your Membership card via any credit or debit card. You can also select auto reload and never worry about the balance on your card – this is the same functionality as the Starbucks card.

What is auto re-load?

  • Auto re-load automatically adds value to your Membership card whenever it dips below a certain level, for the most convenient experience possible. The values are fully customizable and just for selecting auto-reload, the Padres will give you a $25 bonus the first time you use it!

Where in the ballpark can I use my card to tender payment?

  • The card will work at general concessions & retail stands.

Why else would I use e-cash besides the larger discount?

  • E-cash is the most convenient, fast experience available at Petco Park, and thatmeans less time away from the game. In addition, the Padres will be rolling out customized offers for Members in the future to make your experience at the game even better!
The Rewards Program

What is the rewards program and how does this relate to my Membership?

  • The Rewards Program is another benefit to your Membership that allows you to earn points for just being a Padres fan. These points will be redeemable for exclusive experiences, memorabilia and other Padres collectibles throughout the season.

How do I earn points?

  • Points are automatically earned based on things you already do as a Padres fan! Points are earned based your Membership level, using tickets, in-stadium purchases, social media activity and more! The more you scan your membership card, the more you earn!

What rewards are involved in the program?

  • Rewards will consist of exclusive experiences, memorabilia and other Padres collectibles. Rewards will be added throughout the season so keep an eye on what is out there! The exclusive experiences will include access to the team and the field like never before, and as a season ticket member, you will have the best chance to earn these experiences!

How do I manage and redeem my points?

  • Through the same portal where you manage your tickets and e-cash, you will be able to view your rewards point status and see available rewards. The points will be redeemable via an online auction or in a "buy-it-now" online marketplace.
Petco Park Mobile - At the Ballpark

How does the mobile application work for my experience?

  • The At the Ballpark application will house a digital representation of the same Membership card with all the functionality described thus far. There will be one barcode in the application that will store tickets, e-cash value and rewards points all in one place.

Can everyone use mobile?

  • As long as a fan opts-in to digital ticketing and downloads the At the Ballpark application (iPhone or Android), he/she can use mobile.

How do I use mobile?

  • Using the mobile technology is a very easy and convenient process, described below:
    • Download the At the Ballpark mobile application
    • Log-in using your log-in (or create an account)
    • Enter your Account Manager credentials to create a link to all aspects of your Membership (tickets, e-cash, rewards).

Why would I use mobile?

  • The Padres are making a significant investment in mobile technology to improve fan experience at Petco Park. In addition to tickets, e-cash and rewards, we will continue to roll-out various mobile applications within At the Ballpark to improve Member experience. This is a two-to-three year project that will revolutionize every aspect of how you experience a Padres game.