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Ticket Purchase Agreement 2016

This Ticket Purchase Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into by and between the Account Holder and Padres, L.P. (the “Venue”) as of the date that payment for the Tickets is received by Venue. By paying for the Tickets, the Account Holder agrees to the terms and conditions set forth below.

For the purposes of this Agreement, the “Account Holder” is the person or entity named in the 2016 Season Ticket Invoice. The “Account” is the revocable license granted by this Agreement to the Account Holder to purchase the number of Tickets specified in the 2016 Season Ticket Invoice for the number of San Diego Padres (the “Team”) exhibition and/or regular season home games (“Games”) during the seasons specified on in the 2016 Season Ticket Invoice. The “Bearer” of the Ticket is the person who actually uses the Ticket on the day of the Game. Each “Ticket” represents a revocable license that enables the Bearer to enter the premises of Petco Park on the day of the Game and to occupy the seat location shown on the Ticket for that Game. Except as specifically set forth herein, Account Holder does not have any right or option whatsoever to purchase Ticket(s) for any season after the 2016 Season or to purchase the same seats locations that are assigned to the Account for the 2016 Season in later seasons. Admission to any playoff games in which the Team may participate during the 2016 Season is not included under this Agreement or part of the Account.

The Account Holder must be a living adult individual or a legal business entity. This Agreement, the Account, and any rights Account Holder may have hereunder shall not be assigned or transferred in any manner, whether voluntarily or by gift, bequest, or operation of law, by the Account Holder to any other person or entity without the permission of the Venue. The Account Holder, any Bearer, or any person or entity having possession of any Ticket(s) shall not sell, resell, assign or transfer or attempt to sell, resell, assign or transfer such Ticket(s) to any person or entity for any price while on the premises of Petco Park, or if not on the premises of Petco Park, for any price that is above the purchase price shown on the Ticket(s) or the price charged by the Venue to the Account Holder. The sale, resale, attempted resale, assignment or transfer of any Ticket(s) in any manner or at any price which violates the terms of this Agreement or federal, state, or local law, ordinance, rule or regulation, or rule of regulation of the Team shall give the Venue the unrestricted right to terminate this Agreement, the Account and the Ticket(s) and to revoke the personal license represented thereby, immediately and without having to refund the purchase price of the Ticket(s) to the Account Holder or anyone acting on the Account Holder’s behalf. For the purposes of this Agreement, any sale, resale, attempted resale, assignment, or transfer of any Ticket(s) in any manner or at any price to any person or entity other than the Account Holder shall constitute a sale, resale, attempted resale, or transfer of any such Ticket(s) by the Account Holder.

The Venue will send Account Holder important information and notices from time to time regarding the Account. Alternatively, such information may be posted on from time to time. It is the responsibility of Account Holder to read and comply with all information. The Venue is not responsible for problems, misinformed secondary partners or losses or inconveniences experienced because the Account Holder did not read information sent by the Venue or because the information was mailed to a former or incorrect e mail or address. Account Holder is responsible for promptly notifying the Venue, in writing, of any change of address.

The Account Holder, as well as any Bearer or any person or entity in possession of the Tickets, shall abide by all policies and procedures set forth by the Venue, Ace Parking, Petco Park, the City of San Diego, Major League Baseball and other authorities. The Venue and all other authorities reserve the right to change policies and procedures at any time for any reason.

The Venue reserves the right to withhold an offer of season ticket renewal for any reason. The Venue reserves the right to cancel the Account if payment deadlines are not met or any rule, regulation, policy or procedure is not followed, or if this Agreement is breached or upon the death of an individual Account Holder. The Venue is not obligated to reinstate a season ticket account (including longevity, seat locations, rights and benefits) that has been cancelled due to non payment, insufficient payment or any violations of policies or procedures. The Venue reserves the right to assess additional fees and change ticket prices for reinstatement of a season ticket account during the same season.

The Venue reserves the right to add, change or discontinue any of our season ticket plans, benefits, ticket price structures, fees and seat locations prior to the annual renewal offer for any reason. The Venue reserves the right to make any of the above listed changes after the offer of renewal has been extended subject to a refund of all monies paid on an account that has been directly affected by a post renewal offer change.

All payment made in connection with the purchase of any Ticket(s), including any deposit/credits, if applicable, are non refundable.