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The Mariners have unveiled their 2006 TV advertising campaign: Six humorous commercials that feature a dozen players, as well as the teamís broadcasters.

"We always try to strengthen the bond between our fans and players," says Kevin Martinez, Seattle Mariners Vice President of Marketing. "These commercials do this with fun and entertainment, which are important aspects of our brand."

The campaign was created by Seattle-based Copacino + Fujikado, the Mariners long-time ad agency.

We hope you enjoy this year's TV campaign and be sure to vote for your favorite commercial!

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Jamie Moyer screens a Ken Burns-style "documentary" of his illustrious career with the film's producer.

Watch now: 350K
The Kollectors
Mariners fans collecting Felix Hernandez's favorite letter from the unlikeliest of places.

Watch now: 350K

The Great Wall of Adrian
The secrets behind Adrian Beltre's fielding prowess.

Watch now: 350K
The Legend of Big Richie
A Bunyanesque folk song paints the 6' 8" Richie Sexson as a larger-than-life figure.

Watch now: 350K

Ordinary Northwest citizens go about their daily tasks in the style of Ichiro.

Watch now: 350K
Talk to the Glove
A parody of the ubiquitous baseball habit of players talking to each other with their gloves covering their mouths during crucial game situations.

Watch now: 350K