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McCovey Cove Watercraft Registration

McCovey Cove is at capacity for the All-Star events.
Thank you for your interest, but unfortunately no additional watercraft registrations will be accepted.

The US Coast Guard and SFPD will establish a safe zone in McCovey Cove during every All-Star event at AT&T Park July 7 through July 10. A limited number of pre-screened official vessels, including ferries, law enforcement, and media vessels, will be permitted to enter the security zone. Public access to the security zone will be limited to human-powered watercraft, 20 feet or less in length (including kayaks and canoes); the number of such watercraft will be limited for security purposes. All watercrafts must be registered with the San Francisco Giants in order to gain entry into the safety zone and must enter the water through the official All-Star launch or via existing private marinas or public launches. All watercrafts will be subject to inspection upon entry into the security zone. Information about the official All-Star Game launch will be provided to approved registrants.