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Junior Giants Impact Report

About this Study

This impact report is the culmination of a 3-year study with California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo from 2014-2016. During this time, Dr. Brian Greenwood Ph.D. of Cal Poly, an expert in sports-based youth development, oversaw the collection of 34,046 parent surveys, 9,357 coach/team parent surveys and 10,100 interviews of participants ages 8 and up. 


With the assistance of over 90 Junior Giants Ambassadors, data was collected through online surveys. Ambassadors utilized iPads to ensure that every parent, coach and participant had the ability to participate.


Dr. Greenwood piloted the first study on Junior Giants from 2011-2013 and made notable changes, such as a completely digital model of survey collection and census of all leagues for the second phase of evaluation. 


This study ultimately shows that Junior Giants participants are effectively learning the Four Bases of Character Development, as well as the importance of Education, Health and Bullying Prevention. However, the true magic and impact is felt in the stories shared by those who play, coach and support Junior Giants. 


Download the Report (PDF)