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Season Ticket Member Starting 9

The San Francisco Giants Client Relation Department welcome YOU! Below you will find helpful tips that will allow you to manage your season tickets to better your experience as a Season Ticket Member. These tips can serve as a tutorial for our newest members, as well as a refresher for our long time ticket members.

  • Pitcher: How to Reach Us and Hours of Operations
  • Catcher: My SF Tix
  • First Base: Variable Pricing
  • Second Base: Payment Dates
  • Third Base: Splash Tix
  • Shortstop: Guest Services and Lost and Found
  • Left Field: Single Game Tickets
  • Center Field: Gate Promotions vs. Special Events
  • Right Field: Ideas for Ticket Usage
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Pitcher: How to Reach Us and Hours of Operations

As a Season Ticket Member, you have your very own Client Relations Account Manager that is YOUR inside connection to the Giants. For a staff directory of the Client Relations Department, click here.

Ticket Services Office Hours are Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
We are located on King Street next to the will call windows, just beyond Willie Mays Plaza. On game days, we open up our lobby three hours before each game and remain open until the 5th inning. To contact us on game days, we will always have a representative from the Client Relations Department working two hours before every game until one hour after first pitch, weekends included. You can contact our Hotline at 415-972-2255 to speak to a representative. For ticket members in the Field Club and Club Level, you can call the Premium Seating Hotline at 415.972.2424. We may experience high volume of calls on game days and would recommend leaving a message, as messages do get checked very frequently.

Catcher: My SF Tix

My SF Tix is your online ticket account manager which allows you to easily sell tickets through StubHub, email tickets by using Ticket Relay, donate your tickets, and update your contact information. By using My SF Tix, your season tickets are already preloaded into your season account saving you time by not having to insert each barcode. For more information about My SF Tix and to log in, click here.

First Base: Variable Pricing

Each season ticket location contains variable pricing distinguished by four different price tiers, Single, Double, Triple, and Homerun Games. To find out which games are in which tier and your cost per game, click here.

Second Base: Payment Dates

As a Season Ticket Member, you have the option to pay in installment plans using a credit card. If you have selected a plan this year, below you will find your payment dates to your particular plan.

4 Month Plan
December 4
January 8
February 5
March 5
5 Month Plan
November 6
January 8
February 5
March 5
April 2

If you need to change your credit card once on a participating plan, please click here.

Changes must be made 2 days before each scheduled payment.

Third Base: Splash Tix

If you are a Season Ticket Member in the View Reserved Infield, View Box, and Arcade, then you have Splash Tix on your Season Tickets. Splash Tix is a stored value that you can only redeem the day of the game at most of our concession stands and Dugout Store. Each one of your season tickets in the areas mentioned have $5.00 worth of stored value on each ticket. To redeem, simply have the sales person at the concession stand or Dugout Store scan your ticket. For more information on Splash Tix, click here.

Shortstop: Guest Services and Lost and Found

On game days, Guest Services and Lost and Found is located on the Promenade Level behind section 119. If you wish to contact Guest Services or report a lost item, please contact 415-947-3395.

Left Field: Single Game Tickets

To purchase extra tickets aside from your season tickets (availability varies per game), you can always visit or you can always contact your Client Relations Account Manager.

Center Field: Gate Promotions vs. Special Events

Gate promotions and Special Event days are two separate items that often get mixed up. Gate promotions are giveaways at the gate to fans entering the ballpark. For a list of promotions, click here. Special Event days are scattered through the season that are sold as part of a ticket package. Your season tickets are NOT part of this package. To purchase a Special Events ticket package, click here.

Right Field: Ideas for Ticket Usage

Going to all 81 regular season games is a big commitment. Below, you will find 81 ideas that can help you use your game tickets if you are not attending. We hate for your unused game tickets to go to waste, so here are our top 81 ways to use your tickets:

Looking for a way to use your season tickets? How about 81 ways since you have 81 regular season tickets. Here's a list to help you maximize your Giants season ticket usage this year - and any year!

81. Introduce new fans to Giants Baseball
80. Give as holiday gift to family or friends
79. Reward staff for their efforts
78. Donation to your favorite non-profit/charity
77. Say Thank You - to anyone!
76. Spend quality time with friends you find it hard to schedule time with during the week
75. Wrap them up for this holiday's children's toy drive
74. Entertain customers
73. Welcome a new employee to the company
72. Use for personal therapy after a difficult day
71. Give tickets to your child's coach
70. Use as leverage to increase profits
69. Invite a customer who hasn't done business with you recently
68. Use as an auction item
67. Give as birthday gifts
66. Offer them to someone who has given you helpful business advice
65. Employee incentives
64. Give to your postman/woman in appreciation
63. Welcome a new neighbor
62. Use tickets to recruit a new customer
61. Meet new friends in your seating section at AT&T Park
60. Give to Boys and Girls Club or other children's related charities
59. Date night with your significant other
58. Reward suppliers or vendors
57. Thank volunteers for all that they do
56. Develop relationships
55. Use for trade opportunities
54. Help part-time workers feel more like part of the organization
53. Give your children a wholesome pastime for the summer
52. Give as anniversary gifts
51. Thank your dog trainer
50. Offer to your neighbors for taking care of your pets and getting your mail while you were away
49. Gift of a night out for new parents
48. Get to know key co-workers outside the office
47. Give them to your child's teacher as a thank you
46. Meet a blind date at the seats
45. Reward your 'Employee of the Month'
44. Give to a person whom you owe a favor
43. Enhance existing relationships
42. Take someone who does business with the competitor
41. Give to someone as a random act of kindess
40. Offer tickets to a service person that has taken care of you
39. Reward a customer who gave you a referral
38. Give as an engagement or wedding gift
37. Spend quality time with your family
36. Take a long-time customer to say 'thanks'
35. Tell a police officer or fire fighter you appreciate them
34. Generate new business
33. Boost employee morale
32. Try to enhance business with a smaller client
31. Thank a customer who praised your company
30. Give tickets to a Good Samaritan
29. Get to know a business colleague
28. Use tickets to tip your favorite waiter/waitress
27. Reward your children for good grades
26. Show your appreciation to a company intern
25. Give to your mechanic, doctor, dentist, etc.
24. Packing them into a product to promote sales
23. Put a smile on an employee's face who is stressed out
22. Offer to your babysitter as a thank you
21. Give them to a good employee who doesn't get commission
20. Invite an old friend to reconnect
19. Treat a loyal customer on his or her birthday
18. Reward a department that hits their quota or goal
17. Have a drawing at work and give them to a lucky employee
16. Give tickets to the parents of your children's playmate at whose home your child spends time
15. Reward yourself after meeting a milestone in your life
14. Give your tickets as a graduation present
13. Get to know a business colleague
12. Give tickets to a team you sponsor
11. Offer your tickets to someone who has always given you great service
10. Use your tickets for a raffle or drawing
9. Send staff members to a game, with a meeting over dinner
8. Boys or Girls Night Out
7. Win back a customer who had a problem or complaint
6. Propose at a Giants game
5. Treat out-of-town visitors to a game
4. Take someone you mentor out to a ballgame
3. Enhance relationships with those in a position to recommend you or refer your business
2. Bond/network with fellow employees or other business professionals

And now the #1 way to use your Giants Season Tickets ...
1. Treat yourself to all the benefits of Giants baseball all season long