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Splash Tix Stored Value

Important Information for selected View Reserved Infield, View Box and Arcade Giants Season Ticket Members

You have $5.00 of value stored in each of your game tickets, making them Splash TIX!

Each one of your game tickets has $5.00 worth of credit for you to use toward food and beverage purchases at most ballpark concession stands or merchandise purchases at the Giants Dugout Store on that particular game day. This $5.00 worth of “Splash Tix” is being provided ONLY to select View Reserved Infield, View Box, and Arcade SEASON tickets. Game tickets sold at the box office window to non-season Ticket Members in these locations and certain other seats in these areas do not have the $5.00 in Splash Tix.

Please note the following regarding this amenity provided for you during the season:

  • Your game ticket that holds the Splash Tix stored value must be treated like cash. If you lose or misplace your ticket during the game for which it is valid, it cannot be replaced. We urge you to keep your game ticket in your possession once you enter the ballpark and throughout the game!
  • The Splash Tix value stored in each ticket EXPIRES at the end of each game. This means that stored value may only be used as payment toward the cost of food, beverage and merchandise purchased on the game day stated on the ticket. In other words, USE IT OR LOSE IT!!!
  • Splash Tix value cannot be accumulated over time. Each ticket carries $5.00 in value for use on that game day ONLY. Once the ticket has been redeemed there is no value left. If you purchase something for less than $5.00, you will not receive the difference back in cash however, the value remaining maybe used for purchases until the end of the game.
  • You may use more than one ticket to pay for a transaction. However, if you purchase an item for a price that is less than the combined stored value, you will not receive the difference back in cash but the value remaining may be used for purchases until the end of the game.
  • Splash Tix (stored value) is non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • The barcode is necessary for the Splash Tix (stored value) amount to be redeemed. In order to redeem the value stored in the ticket, you must have the ticket in your possession and present it at the participating concession stands at time of payment. It is not possible to use stored value if you do not have your game ticket with you.
  • The Splash Tix logo may not necessarily be printed on your game ticket in order to receive the value; the bar code will determine the stored value upon redemption.
  • If you sell your game tickets on StubHub* or relay your tickets electronically, the $5.00 in Splash Tix WILL transfer to the new recipient. You may want to let the buyer or the person to whom you transfer tickets know that each game ticket does have a $5.00 value that can be redeemed on that game day at participating concessions and at the Dugout Store. Please remind them that the value expires at the end of the game. (*Refer to StubHub website to indicate the stored value when posting tickets)
  • Participating concessions are located on each level of the ballpark: Promenade, Club and View Levels. Splash Tix will not be accepted at certain specialty stands and carts.
  • In-park vendors selling in the stands are not able to accept Splash Tix.
  • It may be helpful to confirm with the person helping you at the concession that they accept Splash Tix before placing your order, to avoid any inconvenience on your part.