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Major League Baseball is embarking on a league-wide initiative to redefine the in-stadium experience for the new generation of "connected" fans.

Qualcomm, through its Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. subsidiary, has been asked to play a key role in the extensive stadium connectivity project.

The project will address a variety of enhancements to stadiums' existing wireless infrastructures, paving the way for a dramatically enhanced level of connectivity.

  • Imagine ordering your hot dog, checking stats, watching streaming video, participating in stadium-wide trivia contests and checking in with friends all from the comfort of your seat
  • Connect with the net or Facebook with speeds comparable to a 98 mph fastball
  • Enjoy connectivity as predictable as the seventh inning stretch

Qualcomm is proud to have been called from the bullpen to provide its technical leadership to this game-changing MLB initiative.

New mobile experiences. Coming soon to a ballpark near you.

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