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2015 Spring Training Schedule

Report Dates in Peoria:
Pitchers/Catchers: - Feb. 19 (physicals) / Feb. 20 (first workout)
Position Players: - Feb. 24 (physicals) / Feb. 25 (first full squad workout)

All Times Local to site - Daylight Saving Time begins March 8 (Arizona is MT thru March 7; PT beginning March 8)

All game dates, times and opponents are subject to change. All home games played at the Peoria Sports Complex.

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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3 4SEA12:05 PT
1:05 MT
5@SEA12:05 PT
1:05 MT
6CWS12:05 PT
1:05 MT
7@SF12:05 PT
1:05 MT
8COL1:05 PT 9@CHI1:05 PT 10SF1:05 PT 11@KC (ss)1:05 PT 12LAD1:05 PT 13@LAA1:05 PT 14TEX1:05 PT
15@CLE1:05 PT 16CHC1:05 PT 17MIL (ss)1:05 PT
@OAK (ss)1:05 PT
18@COL1:05 PT 19 20KC7:05 PT 21ARI1:05 PT
22@CHI1:05 PT 23CWS1:05 PT 24SEA1:05 PT 25@LAD1:05 PT 26@ARI1:05 PT 27COL7:05 PT 28@TEX1:05 PT
29SEA1:05 PT 30@CIN1:05 PT 31KC7:05 PT 1@CWS (ss)1:05 PT 2MIL12:05 PT 3 4