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"Many more teams go to Spring Training now feeling like they have a chance to win," said Arizona manager Bob Melvin. (AP)
For more and more fans, hope springs in 2007
Call it competitive balance or call it parity, but it is the central fact of baseball in 2007: The vast majority of teams have the right to think of themselves as potential winners. One truth of Spring Training was that talent has been spread around like never before in baseball, and so was the hope. Full story >
High marks for Civil Rights Game
The inaugural Civil Rights Game and its associated activities were about memorializing a movement in which Major League Baseball played a significant role. 
Sights and Sounds
• Kouzmanoff says club is ready:  350K
• Peavy on starting Opening Day:  350K
• Guillen on deciding pitching staff:  350K
• GM Bavasi wraps up camp:  350K
• Yost on spring progress:  350K
• Sox coach Cooper on staff:  350K