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#CardsFanFlix - the Cardinals Fan Video Engagement Initiative

The St. Louis Cardinals have developed #CardsFanFlix - an ongoing fan engagement initiative to encourage fans to create videos that celebrate the Cardinals.

Through the various #CardsFanFlix fan engagement efforts, the St. Louis Cardinals hope to tap into the increasing trend for user-generated video content on various web and social platforms made possible by advances with mobile technology and social media.

As part of the #CardsFanFlix fan engagement initiative, the St. Louis Cardinals will be sponsoring various promotions and campaigns to encourage fans to demonstrate their enthusiasm and support of the team, while also showcasing their talent using a medium that is transforming how we connect with one another.

Bookmark this page to enjoy all the great fan generated content, and be sure to join the fun by making your own Cards Fan Flick!

Featured Videos

Gina Hartman
Blake Phillips