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Play Ball Like A Cardinal

Do you know a kid who loves to imitate their favorite Cardinals player when they play ball?

Show us by sharing your video today and we may share it with Cardinals Nation on TV, on the new high definition scoreboard at Busch Stadium or online via our website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. The fact is that there is no higher compliment a young fan can pay a Cardinals player than to #PlayBallLikeACardinal!

Does your child imitate the swing of Kolten Wong or Dexter Fowler? Can your child catch like Yadier Molina? How about pitch like Waino or Tsunami? Can your son or daughter make a diving play like Carp?

Show us how your child can #PlayBallLikeACardinal by sharing your video with us today!

Post your video on social media using the hashtag #PlayBallLikeACardinal* or share your link directly with us here and we may share the clip with fans via our Cardinals Insider weekly television show, within Busch Stadium on the new high definition scoreboard or through one of our various social media channels.

About #PlayBallLikeACardinal

Inspired by Commissioner Rob Manfred's directive to encourage MLB teams to work to get more kids to play baseball and a variety of related games, #PlayBallLikeACardinal is a youth-focused video engagement initiative that like the MLB sponsored Play Ball Program, seeks to highlight and celebrate kids' love of the game of baseball and encourage them to play the game like their favorite (we hope Cardinals') players. Through #PlayBallLikeACardinal, the St. Louis Cardinals are seeking out young people who have a passion for the St. Louis Cardinals and are incorporating that passion into how they play the game - whether it is T-Ball, baseball, softball, wiffleball, stick-ball, tape-ball or any version of the great American Past Time.

Play Ball

About the Play Ball Program

The Play Ball program is a collaborative initiative between Major League Baseball and USA Baseball designed to encourage widespread participation in all forms of baseball activities among all age groups, especially youth. The new program highlights the many ways baseball can be played, including outside of the traditionally-organized baseball leagues and tournaments. For more information on the Play Ball program, visit The site serves as the initiative's online home and is complete with coaching tips and parent resources.

*TERMS & CONDITIONS - NOTE that fans who share videos on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, etc.) using the hashtag #PlayBallLikeACardinal are authorizing the St. Louis Cardinals to share that video with other fans via, the team's various social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube etc.) and on the team's various television broadcasts.


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