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Red Sox Front Office

Boston Red Sox
Fenway Park
4 Yawkey Way
Boston, MA 02215

Tel: 617-226-6000

    Principal Owner
    John W. Henry
    Thomas C. Werner
    President/Chief Executive Officer
    Larry Lucchino



    Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
    Sam Kennedy
    Executive Vice President/Business Affairs
    Jonathan Gilula
    Executive Vice President & Senior Advisor to the President/CEO
    Charles Steinberg
    Executive Vice President/Corporate Strategy & General Counsel
    Ed Weiss
    Financial Advisor to the President/CEO
    Jeff White
    Senior Advisor/Baseball Projects
    Jeremy Kapstein
    Senior Advisor/Strategic Planning
    Michael Porter
    Vice President/Business Development
    Tim Zue
    Vice President/Corporate Strategy and Special Counsel
    David Beeston
    Senior Business Development Manager
    Kurt Zwald
    Red Sox Rewards Coordinator
    Anne Marie Rowe
    Special Assistant to the Principal Owner
    Sylvia Moon
    Special Assistant to the President/CEO
    Dan Rea III
    Special Assistant to EVP/COO
    Stephen Kelley
    Executive Assistant to the President/CEO
    Fay Scheer
    Executive Assistants
    Caitlin O'Reilly, Barbara Bianucci, Jackie Dempsey, Claire Durant, Caitlin Sullivan
    Executive Personal Assistant
    Brienne Hart


    President of Baseball Operations
    Dave Dombrowski
    Senior Vice President/General Manager
    Mike Hazen
    Senior Vice President/Assistant General Manager
    Brian O'Halloran
    Senior Vice President/Player Personnel
    Allard Baird
    Vice President/Baseball Administration
    Raquel Ferreira
    Vice President/Amateur & International Scouting
    Amiel Sawdaye
    Special Assistants to the General Manager
    Pedro Martinez, Jason Varitek
    Traveling Secretary
    Jack McCormick
    Senior Advisor, Baseball Operations
    Bill James
    Director, Major League Operations
    Zack Scott
    Senior Baseball Analyst
    Tom Tippett
    Assistant Director, Major League Operations
    Mike Murov
    Coordinator, Baseball Operations
    Mike Regan
    Baseball Operations Analysts
    Gregory Rybarczyk and Joe McDonald
    Coordinator, Baseball Systems Development
    Shawn O'Rourke
    Executive Assistant, Baseball Operations
    Erin Cox
    Director, Sports Medicine Service
    Dan Dyrek
    Medical Director/Head Team Internist
    Dr. Larry Ronan
    Head Team Orthopedist
    Dr. Peter Asnis
    Head Athletic Trainer
    Rick Jameyson
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Brad Pearson
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Masai Takahashi
    Physical Therapist
    Ray Mattfeld and Adam Thomas
    Strength and Conditioning Coach
    Pat Sandora
    Massage Therapists
    Russell Nua and Shinichiro Uchikubo
    Japanese Interpreter
    Shigenari Matsumoto
    Home Clubhouse Manager
    Tom McLaughlin
    Equipment Manager
    Edward "Pookie" Jackson
    Visiting Clubhouse Manager
    Joe Cochran
    Video Coordinator
    Billy Broadbent
    Clubhouse Assistants
    John Coyne, Steve Murphy
    Jim Rice, Luis Tiant, Tim Wakefield


    Director, Player Development
    Ben Crockett
    Assistant Director, Player Development
    Brian Abraham
    Assistant Director, Florida Baseball Operations
    Ethan Faggett
    Minor League Equipment Manager
    Mike Stelmach
    Player Development Consultants
    Dick Berardino, Tony Cloninger, Dwight Evans, Tommy Harper, Frank Malzone, Carl Yastrzemski


    Director, Professional Scouting
    Gus Quattlebaum
    Director, Amateur Scouting
    Michael Rikard
    Director, International Scouting
    Eddie Romero
    Assistant Director, Player Personnel
    Jared Banner
    Assistant Director, Amateur Scouting
    Steve Sanders
    Advanced Scouting Assistant
    Harrison Slutsky
    Special Assistant, Player Personnel
    Eddie Bane
    Special Assistant, Player Personnel
    Mark Wasinger
    Special Assignment Scout
    Dave Klipstein
    Special Assignment Scout
    Steve Peck
    Global Crosschecker
    Paul Fryer
    National Crosschecker
    John Booher


    Vice President/Ballpark Operations
    Pete Nesbit
    Director of Security & Emergency Services
    Charles Cellucci
    Director of Concessions and Event Operations
    Jon Dienstag
    Director of Facilities Management
    Jonathan Lister
    Director of Grounds
    Dave Mellor
    Director of Special Projects
    Fred Olsen
    Senior Manager of Security & Emergency Services
    Mark Cacciatore
    Ballpark Operations Coordinator
    Mike Gunning
    Security Staff
    Angel Santiago
    Manager of Concessions and Event Operations
    John Sodini
    Facilities Superintendent
    Donnie Gardiner
    Manager of Facilities Services & Planning
    Chris Knight
    Manager of Facilities Maintenance
    Glen McGlinchey
    Facilities Maintenance Staff
    Thomas Carey
    Facilities Technician
    James Levesque
    Assistant Director of Grounds
    Jason Griffeth
    Manager of Grounds
    Derek Gauger
    Grounds Staff
    Jedidiah Saverse
    Senior Manager of Special Projects
    Kathleen Harrington
    Asian Business Development Specialist
    Mikio Yoshimura


    Senior Vice President/Corporate Partnerships
    Troup Parkinson
    Vice President/Client Services
    Marcell Bhangoo
    Assistant Director of Client Services
    Erin Donovan
    Senior Manager of Client Services
    Sean Walsh
    Senior Manager of Suite Services
    Kim Cameron
    Manager of Sponsor Services
    Amanda Heglin
    Client Services Manager
    Andrew Dennen
    Client Services Coordinators
    Baily Brodeur and James Kallinich
    Sponsor Services Coordinator
    Olivia Whitney
    Executive Assistant
    Jeanne Bill


    Vice President/Fan Services and Entertainment
    Sarah McKenna
    Director of Red Sox Productions
    John Carter
    Director of Fan Services and Entertainment
    Stephanie Maneikis
    Manager of Entertainment
    Dan Lyons
    Manager of Red Sox Productions, Creative
    Tim Heintzelman
    Chief Engineer
    Jason Notermann
    Specialist of Red Sox Productions, Creative
    Jason Gorden
    Coordinators of Red Sox Productions
    Luke Fraser, Jen Gahan, Kellan Reck, Steve Roman
    Fan Services Coordinators
    Nina Gomez and Jovan Holland


    Senior Vice President/Fenway Affairs
    Larry Cancro
    Senior Manager of Fenway Affairs
    Beth Krudys


    Vice President/Fenway Enterprises
    Carrie Campbell
    Senior Manager of Event Sales
    Taylor Grinnell
    Event Sales Managers
    Kristyn Kerkorian and Haley McNearney
    Mascot Program Manager
    Chris Bergstrom
    Event Services Managers
    Megan Berninger and Kate Page
    Event Services Coordinator
    Julio Jeune


    Director of Fenway Park Tours / Operations & Business Development
    Marcita Thompson
    Manager of Fenway Park Tours
    Scott Towers
    Group Tour Sales Coordinator
    Sarah Farley


    Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
    Steve Fitch
    Vice President/Controller
    Mark Solitro
    Director of Finance
    Ryan Oremus
    Senior Manager of Financial Planning and Operations
    Ryan Scafidi
    Senior Manager of Payroll & Administration
    Cathy Fahy
    Accounting Manager
    Courtney Campbell
    Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis
    Mark Sirota
    AR/AP Specialist
    Keith Brouillard
    Payroll Administrator
    Mauricio Rosas
    Staff Accountant
    Daniel Wall
    Financial Analyst
    Rob Winter
    Accounts Payable
    Tina Yong


    Senior Director of Florida Business Operations
    Katie Haas
    Manager of Florida Business Operations
    Brett Bodine
    Coordinator of Florida Business Operations
    Brennan Whitley
    Facilities Coordinator
    Jay Fandel


    Senior Vice President/Human Resources
    Amy Waryas
    Director of Human Resources
    Mike Danubio
    Director of Benefits and Compensation
    Jean McGurl
    Senior Human Resources Analyst
    Peter Racine
    Human Resources Specialist
    Sara Salam
    Human Resources Operations Coordinator
    Bradley Hanovich
    Brenna Peterson
    Office Coordinator
    Travis Patterson


    Vice President/Information Technology
    Brian Shield
    Director of Data Services
    Steve Conley
    Director of IT Operations
    Randy George
    Manager of Application Development
    Sheila MacDonald
    Senior Project Manager
    Jason Lumsden
    Manager of IT Operations
    Ryan Oreste
    Data Architect
    George Hom
    Senior Software Engineer
    Dan White
    Software Engineer
    Michael Bottomley
    IT Business Analyst
    Matthew Levin


    Senior Vice President and Special Counsel
    David Friedman
    Vice President/Club Counsel
    Elaine Weddington Steward
    Senior Legal Counsel
    Michelle Gewandter
    Director of Legal Operations
    Amanda Petrillo
    Executive Assistant
    Samantha Barkowski


    Senior Vice President/Marketing and Brand Development
    Adam Grossman
    Director of Broadcasting
    Colin Burch
    Director of Marketing
    Brian Sullivan
    Graphic Designer
    Marrisa McClain
    Manager, Fan and Youth Engagement
    Adam Whitfield
    Marketing and Promotions Coordinator
    Steve Oliveira
    Marketing and Broadcasting Assistant
    Zach Markell
    Social Media Assistant
    Kelsey Doherty


    Director of Corporate Communications
    Zineb Curran
    Director of Media Relations
    Kevin Gregg
    Manager of Media Relations & Baseball Information
    Jon Shestakofsky
    Manager of Media Relations
    Abby DeCiccio
    Media Relations Coordinator
    Justin Long
    Media Relations Assistant
    Chris Gilligan


    Vice President/Ticket Sales
    William Droste
    Senior Manager of Premium Sales and Services
    Brendan Hankard
    Manager of Group Sales
    Carl Grider
    Senior Account Executive, Premium Sales
    Allison Bucci
    Account Executive, Premium Sales
    Kyle Raynor
    Premium Sales Service Coordinators
    Casey Devane and Marc Llanto
    Group Sales, Special Events Coordinator
    Travis Pollio
    Group Sales Representatives
    Matthew Labossiere, Jacob Levine, Matt Tieri


    Manager of Red Sox Sales Academy
    David Baggs
    Account Executive, Premium Season Ticket Sales
    Daniel Picano
    Inside Sales Representatives
    Gennifer Davidson, Eric Finley, Mac Jacobson, Eli Kaufman, Kelsey Koswick, Tiffany Philyaw, Peter Quattromani, Scott Sewall, Rachel Shor, Katharine Sullivan


    Senior Director of Public Affairs
    Pam Kenn
    Director of Publications
    Debbie Matson
    Director of Community and Player Relations
    Sarah Narracci
    Manager of Photography
    Mike Ivins
    Staff Photographer
    Billie Weiss
    Alumni & Player Relations Manager
    Sheri Rosenberg
    Community Partnerships & Player Relations Specialist
    Kathryn Quirk


    Senior Vice President/Ticketing and Fenway Enterprises
    Ron Bumgarner
    Vice President/Ticketing
    Richard Beaton
    Senior Director of Ticketing
    Naomi Calder
    Assistant Director of Ticketing, Season Ticket Services
    Joe Matthews
    Assistant Director of Ticket Services
    Jenean Rombola
    Senior Manager of Ticket Operations
    Abigail Passeri
    Manager of Ticket Accounting and Administration
    Sean Carragher
    Manager of Ticket Fulfillment and Systems
    Peter Fahey
    Manager of Season Ticket Services
    Benjamin Dorman
    Manager of Ticketing Analytics
    Jon Hay
    Season Ticket Holder Account Executives
    Sarah Clark, Mike Cometa, Cathy Garcia, Tarah Mahoney, Amanda Zanni
    Ticket Services Associates
    William Fallon, Jamee Golub, Elyse Matsumoto, William Ricci
    Ticket Operations Assistant
    Lisa Lindsay


    Honorary Chairman
    Tim Wakefield
    Executive Director
    Gena Borson
    Assistant Director of Operations & Programs
    Rico Mochizuki
    Assistant Director of Marketing & Development
    Justin Prettyman
    Manager of Accounting
    Marisa Roncevich
    Manager of Ron Burton Training Facility
    Ron Burton
    Programs Specialist
    Tyler Petropulos
    Red Sox Foundation Coordinators
    Mick Blume and Michael O'Connor
    Development and Events Coordinator
    Grant Schonberg
    Lidia Zayas


    Fenway Sports Group, LLC

    Principal Owner
    John W. Henry
    Thomas C. Werner
    Michael Gordon
    Executive Vice President/Corporate Strategy & General Counsel
    Ed Weiss
    Senior Advisor
    Senator George Mitchell


    Theodore Alfond
    William Alfond
    Thomas R. DiBenedetto
    Michael Egan
    David Ginsberg
    John A. Kaneb
    Seth Klarman
    Larry Lucchino
    Henry McCance
    Phillip H. Morse
    Arthur E. Nicholas
    Bruce Rauner
    Frank Resnek
    Martin Trust
    Jeffrey Vinik
    Herb Wagner


    Boston Red Sox
    Larry Lucchino, President/CEO
    Fenway Sports Management
    Sam Kennedy, President
    Liverpool Football Club
    Ian Ayre, CEO
    New England Sports Network
    Sean McGrail, President/CEO
    Roush Fenway Racing
    Jack Roush, Co-Owner