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White Sox Front Office

  • Board of Directors

    Jerry Reinsdorf
    Vice Chairman
    Eddie Einhorn
    Board Member
    Robert Mazer
    Board Member
    Allan Muchin
    Board Member
    Judd Malkin
    Board Member
    Lee Stern
    Board Member
    Jay Pinsky
    Board Member
    Burton Ury
    Board Member
    Charles Walsh
    Board Member
    Robert Judelson
  • Officers

    Jerry Reinsdorf
    Vice Chairman
    Eddie Einhorn
    Senior Executive Vice President
    Howard Pizer
    Executive Vice President
    Ken Williams
    Senior Vice President/General Manager
    Rick Hahn
    Senior Vice President, Administration
    Tim Buzard
    Senior Vice President, Stadium Operations
    Terry Savarise
    Senior Vice President, Communications
    Scott Reifert
    Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
    Brooks Boyer
    Vice President/Assistant General Manager
    Buddy Bell
    Corporate Counsel
    Allan Muchin
  • Baseball Operations

    Major League Operations
    Senior Director of Baseball Operations
    Dan Fabian
    Director of Team Travel
    Ed Cassin
    Special Assistant to the Chairman
    Dennis Gilbert
    Special Assistant to the Senior VP/General Manager
    Bill Scherrer
    Special Assistant to the Senior VP/General Manager
    Jim Thome
    Special Assistant to the Senior VP/General Manager
    Dave Yoakum
    Advisor to Baseball Department
    Larry Monroe
    Major League Advance Scout/Special Instructor
    Bryan Little
    Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President/General Manager
    Nancy Nesnidal
    Assistant Director of Baseball Operations
    Daniel Zien
    Special Assistant to the General Manager - International Operations
    Marco Paddy
    Baseball Video Coordinator
    Bryan Johnson
    Technical Video Coordinator
    Ross Mika
    Assistant to the General Manager
    Jeremy Haber
    Coordinator of Baseball Information
    Dan Strittmatter
    Coordinator of Latin American Operations
    Arturo Perez
  • Minor League Baseball Operations
    Director of Amateur Scouting
    Doug Laumann
    Senior Director of Minor League Operations
    Grace Guerrero Zwit
    Director of Player Development
    Nick Capra
    Assistant Director of Player Development & Scouting
    Del Matthews
    Minor League Field Coordinator
    Kirk Champion
    Sr. Coordinator of Minor League Administration
    Kathy Potoski
    Player Development Assistant
    Robert Cummings
  • Major League Training Staff
    Head Athletic Trainer
    Herman Schneider
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Brian Ball
    Director of Conditioning
    Allen Thomas
  • Major League Medical Staff
    Lead Physician
    Dr. Charles A. Bush-Joseph
    Team Physician
    Dr. Bernard R. Bach Jr.
    Team Physician
    Dr. Gregory P. Nicholson
    Team Physician
    Dr. Kathleen M. Weber
    Team Physician
    Dr. Brian J. Cole
    Team Physician
    Dr. Anthony A. Romeo
    Team Physician
    Dr. Brian Forsythe
    Team Physician
    Dr. Nik Verma
    Team Ophthalmologist
    Dr. David Orth
    Team Optometrist
    Dr. R. Tracy Williams
    Team Podiatrist
    Dr. Lowell Scott Weil
  • Clubhouse Staff
    White Sox Clubhouse Manager
    Vince Fresso
    Visitors' Clubhouse Manager
    Gabe Morell
    Umpires' Clubhouse Manager
    Joe McNamara, Jr.
    Assistant Home Clubhouse Manager
    Robert Warren
  • Marketing

    Corporate Partnerships
    Director of Corporate Partnerships Sales
    George McDoniel
    Director of Corporate Partnerships Activation
    Gail Tucker
    Manager of Corporate Partnerships Sales Development
    Jeff Floerke
    Account Executive, Corporate Partnership Development
    Joe Ronovsky
    Corporate Partnerships Activation Coordinator
    Katherine Claeys, Arden Reed
    Corporate Partnerships Administrator
    Tanja Gajic
    Corporate Partnerships Activation Administrator
    Ashley Sorensen
    Tony Colosimo
  • Marketing & Analytics
    Director of Marketing & Analytics
    Beth Grabowski
    Manager of Digital Ticket Marketing
    John Margelewski
    Manager of Business Analysis
    Liz Milla
  • Ticket Sales and Premium Seating
    Senior Director of Ticket Sales
    Tom Sheridan
    Manager of Corporate Development and Ticket Sales
    Sam Lawson
    Manager of Premium Seating Sales and Services
    Rob Boaz
    Manager of Premium Seating Services
    Lindsey Jordan
    Manager of Client Services and Database Administration
    Rich Kuchar
    Manager of Ticket Sales Administration
    Mina Pineda
    Manager of Group Sales
    Jeff Bogacki
    Coordinator of Client Services and Database Administration
    Maggie Marshall
    Coordinator of Ticket Administration
    Natalie McSharry
    Coordinator of Premium Seating Services
    Courtney Long
    Client Services Executive
    Kelli Naber
    Client Services Executive
    Thomas Bassett
    Client Services Executive
    Adam Delgado
    Client Services Executive
    Troy White
    Group Sales Executive
    Nick Fetchik
    Group Sales Executive
    Scott Gbur
    Group Sales Executive
    Reynel Penn
    Group Sales Executive
    Joe Jung
    Group Sales Executive
    Mike Rourke
    Group Sales Executive
    Brittany Howard
    New Business Executive
    Alexa Vaicaitis
    New Business Executive
    Colin Kibler
    New Business Executive
    Jimmy Konrath
    New Business Executive
    Jenna DiDiana
    Ticket Office Representative
    Larry Majkrzak
  • Broadcasting and Business Development
    Senior Director of Business Development and Broadcasting
    Bob Grim
    Manager of Business Development
    Jo Simmons
    Coordinator of White Sox Experiences
    Martha Black
    Television Broadcasters
    Ken Harrelson, Steve Stone
    Radio Broadcasters
    Ed Farmer, Darrin Jackson
  • Game Operations
    Director of Game Presentation, Game Operations and Fan Engagement
    Cris Quintana
    Senior Manager of Scoreboard Operations & Production
    Jeffrey Szynal
    Senior Manager of Game Presentation
    Amy Sheridan
    Manager of Game Operations
    Dan Mielke
    Manager of Fan Engagement
    Night Train Veeck
    Coordinator of Game Presentation
    Anthony Olivo
    Digital Video Specialist
    Roman Farias
    Technical Direction Specialist
    Rocco Fusco
    Animation and Video Specialist
    Justin Tuazon
    Lori Moreland
    Public Address Announcer
    Gene Honda
  • Communications

    Media Relations
    Director of Media Relations
    Bob Beghtol
    Manager of Media Relations
    Ray Garcia
    Coordinator of Media Relations
    Joe Roti
    Coordinator of Media Services
    Megan Golden
  • Public Relations
    Director of Public Relations
    Sheena Quinn
    Coordinator of Public Relations
    Julie Bartosz
    Team Photographer
    Ron Vesely
  • Mass Communications
    Director of Digital Communications
    Brad Boron
    Director of Advertising & Design Services
    Gareth Breunlin
    Manager of On-line Communications
    Dakin Dugaw
    Senior Coordinators of Design Services
    Matthew Peterson, Toby Ramos
    Senior Coordinator of Graphic Apparel and Design
    Lauren Markiewicz
    Coordinator of Design Services & Multimedia
    Danny Harms
    Coordinator of Social Media
    Colleen Maxwell
    Coordinator of Advertising
    Gabbi LeVert
  • Community Relations
    Senior Director of Community Relations; Executive Director of Chicago White Sox Charities
    Christine O'Reilly
    Director of Youth Baseball Initiatives
    Kevin Coe
    Manager of Community Relations
    Sarah Marten
    Manager of Community Relations
    Lauren Pesqueda
    Coordinator of Community Relations
    Meg Hiestand
    Coordinator of Community Relations
    Louise Reynolds
    Coordinator of Community Relations
    Trent Reed
    Community Relations Assistant
    Carrie Norwood
    Community Relations Administrator
    Tiffany Spencer
    Community Relations Representatives
    Carlton Fisk, Bo Jackson, Ron Kittle, Carlos May, Bill Melton, Minnie Minoso, Donn Pall, Dan Pasqua, Billy Pierce, Frank Thomas
  • Administration

    Administrative Staff
    Senior Director of Management Information Services
    Don Brown
    Senior Director of Human Resources
    Moira Foy
    General Counsel
    John Corvino
    Assistant to the Chairman
    Barb Reincke
    Senior Systems Analyst/Desktop Administrator
    Stan Czyzewski
    Executive Assistant to the Senior Executive Vice President
    Lori Palasti
    Executive Assistant to the Sr. VP, Stadium Operations
    Lori Roppolo
    Assistant to the Senior Vice President of Marketing/Legal Assistant
    Valerie Benline-Pulido
    Senior Coordinator of Human Resources
    Leslie Gaggiano
    Coordinator of Administration & Investor Relations
    Katie Hermle
    Coordinator of Human Resources
    Elizabeth Vazquez
    Data Network Administrator
    Alex Barrera
  • Accounting
    Senior Director of Finance
    Bill Waters
    Accounting Manager
    Chris Taylor
    Payroll Manager
    John Storiz
    Manager of Special Projects
    Mallory Whitlock
    Chicago Bulls/Sox Training Academy Accounting Manager
    Jennifer O'Donnell
    Accounting Assistant
    Kathy Bingham
    Coordinator of Accounts Receivable
    Kristy Conners
    Payroll Coordinators
    Tina Stack, Nancy Trump
    Coordinator of Accounts Payable
    Terry Considine
    Treasury Accounting Coordinator
    Cheri Vari
    Executive Assistant
    Marianne Demke
  • Support Services
    Senior Director of Purchasing, Construction and Maintenance
    Don Esposito
    Director of Purchasing
    Mike Spidale
    Manager of Central Support Services
    Shau Booker
    Coordinator of Central Support Services
    Jerae Farries
    Manager of Warehouse and Purchasing
    Matt Nykiel
    Purchasing Administrator
    Tracy Mobley
    Coordinator of Purchasing and Central Support Services
    Leo Brady
  • Ticket Office
    Director of Ticket Operations
    Mike Mazza
    Manager of Ticket Accounting Administration
    Ken Wisz
    Manager of Ticket Office Seasonal Staff
    Tom Eichstaedt
    Manager of Ticket Operations
    Pete Catizone
    Coordinator of Ticketing Services
    Laura Arenas
    Administrative Staff
    Mary Weiss
  • Park Operations
    Senior Director of Stadium Operations
    Greg Hopwood
    Senior Director of Guest Services and Diamond Suites
    Julie Taylor
    Director of Arizona Facilities
    Joe Lachcik
    Head Groundskeeper
    Roger Bossard
    Manager of Park Operations Administration
    Jenny Kondrisack
    Manager of Quality Control
    Dave Wanda
    Manager of Guest Services & Diamond Suites
    Alexandria Janowiak
    Coordinator of Guest Services
    Katie Harrington
    Switchboard Operator
    Maria Villanueva
    Switchboard Operator
    Bea Quintero
    Laura Randolph
    Park Operations Staff
    Ray Gilmore
    Park Operations Staff
    Brian Galvin
    Park Operations Staff
    Joseph Moran
    Park Operations Staff
    Wayne Kramer
    Park Operations Staff
    Curtis Nekovar
    Park Operations Staff
    Michael Quan
    Park Operations Staff
    Jerry Powe
    Park Operations Staff
    Scott Lynam
    Bards Room Chef
    Roy Rivas
    Bards Room Staff
    Olivia Ortiz
    Bards Room Staff
    Jose A. Gomez
    Construction and Maintenance Staff
    Glenn Blackwell
    Construction and Maintenance Staff
    Steve Knight
    Construction and Maintenance Staff
    Phil Minelli
    Construction and Maintenance Staff
    Mike Ruff
    Construction and Maintenance Staff
    Bob Sievert
    Construction and Maintenance Staff
    Dow Smith
    Construction and Maintenance Staff
    Mike Tatro
  • At Your Service
    Senior Director of At Your Service
    Michelle Giancaterino
    Senior Director of Event Security
    Steve Cardona
    Guest Services Manager
    John Bowen
    Scheduling & Training Manager
    Kathy Indovina
    Senior Accounting Manager
    Kim Foley
    Senior Payroll Manager
    Janet Hernandez
    Payroll Coordinator
    Elizabeth Hernandez
    Human Resources Assistant
    Dyamond Scales