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New York Yankees Front Office


    George M. Steinbrenner III (1930-2010)
    Principal Owner / Chairperson
    Hal Steinbrenner
    Managing General Partner* / Co-Chairperson
    Henry G. Steinbrenner
    General Partner** / Co-Chairperson
    Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal
    General Partner / Vice Chairperson
    Jessica Steinbrenner
    General Partner‡‡ / Vice Chairperson
    Joan Steinbrenner
    Vice Chairperson
    Randy Levine, Esq.
    Lonn A. Trost, Esq.
    Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel
    Anthony Bruno
    Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, Yankee Global Enterprises
    Brian Cashman
    Senior Vice President, General Manager
    Marty Greenspun
    Senior Vice President, Strategic Ventures
    Sonny Hight
    Senior Vice President, Chief Security Officer
    Brian Smith
    Senior Vice President, Corporate/Community Relations
    Michael J. Tusiani
    Senior Vice President, Partnerships
    Deborah A. Tymon
    Senior Vice President, Marketing
    Jean Afterman, Esq.
    Senior Vice President, Assistant General Manager
    Mike Lane
    Vice President & CIO, Technology and Broadcasting
    Doug Behar
    Senior Vice President, Stadium Operations
    Robert Brown
    Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Accounting
    Scott Krug
    Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Financial Operations
    Alan Chang, Esq.
    Deputy General Counsel, Vice President, Legal Affairs
    Kevin Dart
    Vice President, Ticket Sales, Service and Operations
    Derrick Baio
    Bryan Calka
    Vice President, Partnerships
    Emily Hamel
    Vice President, Non-Baseball Events
    Mark Holtzman
    Vice President, Non-Baseball Events
    Jason Zillo
    Vice President, Communications & Media Relations

    Manuel García, Esq.
    Executive Director, Florida Counsel
    Todd Letcher
    Executive Director, Stadium/Event Security
    Janette Perez
    Executive Director, Human Resources
    Irfan Kirimca
    Senior Director, Ticket Operations
    Kara Mooney
    Senior Director, Creative Services
    Alfred Santasiere III
    Senior Director, Publications
    Mark Bienstock, Esq.
    Michael Fishman
    Assistant General Manager
    Rose Barre
    Director, Premium Sales & Service
    Chad Bohling
    Director, Mental Conditioning
    Greg Colello
    Director, Scoreboard and Video Production
    Matthew Deane
    Director, Security Systems and Business Continuity
    David Grabiner
    Director, Quantitative Analysis
    Cindy Kamradt
    Director, Stadium Planning & Special Projects
    Carol Laurenzano
    Director, Stadium Operations
    Kenny Leandry
    Director, Corporate/Community Relations
    Brett Moldoff
    Director, Broadcasting
    Tony Morante
    Director, Stadium Tours
    Debbie Nicolosi
    Director, Office Administration
    Michael Parker
    Director, Financial Operations
    Kevin Reese
    Director, Professional Scouting
    Allison Stewart
    Director, Financial Operations
    Ben Tuliebitz
    Director, Team Travel and Player Services
    * of Martinique Holdings, Inc. | ** of Bellaire Holdings, Inc. | ‡ of Marsh Harbor Holdings, Inc. | ‡‡ of JJS NYY Holdings, LLC