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Executive Offices

Pittsburgh Pirates
PNC Park
Address: 115 Federal Street or P.O. Box 7000
City: Pittsburgh, State: PA Zip Code: 15212
Tel: (412) 321-BUCS or 1-800-BUY-BUCS
  • Executive

    Chairman of the Board
    Bob Nutting
    Frank Coonelly
    Vice President and General Counsel
    Bryan Stroh
    Executive Assistant
    Monica Robinson
  • Baseball Operations

    General Manager
    Neal Huntington
    Assistant General Manager
    Greg Smith
    Assistant General Manager
    Kyle Stark
    Director of Player Personnel
    Tyrone Brooks
    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Jim Benedict
    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Marc DelPiano
    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Jax Robertson
    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Doug Strange
    Major League Scout
    Mike Basso
    Major League Scout
    Bob Minor
    Major League Scout
    Steve Williams
    Pro Scout
    Ricky Bennett
    Pro Scout
    Carlos Berroa
    Pro Scout
    Jamie Brewington
    Pro Scout
    Jim Dedrick
    Pro Scout
    Ron Hopkins
    Pro Scout
    John Kosciak
    Pro Scout
    Gary Robinson
    Pro Scout
    Alvin Rittman
    Director of Amateur Scouting
    Joe DelliCarri
    National Supervisor
    Jack Bowen
    National Supervisor
    Jimmy Lester
    National Supervisor
    Matthew Ruebel
    Director of Baseball Operations
    Kevan Graves
    Baseball Operations Assistant
    Will Lawton
    Traveling Secretary
    Greg Johnson
    Baseball Operations Coordinator
    Alex Langsam
    Director, Baseball Systems Development
    Dan Fox
    Data Architect
    Josh Smith
    Quantitative Analyst
    Mike Fitzgerald
    Director of Latin American Scouting
    Rene Gayo
    Sr. Advisor to Latin American Operations
    Luis Silverio
    Field Coordinator
    Brad Fischer
    Assistant Field Coordinator
    Dave Turgeon
    Special Assistant to Player Development
    Frank Kremblas
    Senior Advisor to Player Development
    Woody Huyke
    Director of Minor League Operations
    Larry Broadway
    Coordinator of Minor League Operations
    Diane DePasquale
    Minor League Hitting Coordinator
    Larry Sutton
    Minor League Infield Coordinator
    Gary Green
    Minor League OF/Baserunning Coordinator
    Kimera Bartee
    Pitching Coordinator
    Scott Mitchell
    Director of Mental Conditioning
    Bernie Holliday
    Mental Conditioning Coordinator
    Tyson Holt
    Minor League Athletic Training Coordinator
    Carl Randolph
    Sport Performance Coordinator
    Carlo Alvarez
    Minor League Rehab Coordinator
    Wes Eberlin
    Athletic Development Coordinator
    Joe Hughes
    Scouting Coordinator
    Jim Asher
    Head Major League Athletic Trainer
    Todd Tomczyk
    Assistant Major League Athletic Trainer
    Ben Potenziano
    Strength and Conditioning Coach
    Brendon Huttmann
    Physical Therapist and Rehab Coordinator
    Jeremiah Randall
    Latin American Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
    Kiyoshi Momose
    Visiting Clubhouse Manager
    Kevin Conrad
    Home Clubhouse Manager
    Scott Bonnett
    Assistant Equipment Manager
    Kiere Bulls
    Team Video Coordinator
    Kevin V. Roach
    Advance Scouting Coordinator
    Wyatt Toregas
  • Medical Staff

    Medical Director
    Dr. Patrick DeMeo
    Team Physician
    Dr. Edward Snell
    Team Physician
    Dr. Edward Diamond
    Team Physician
    Dr. Dennis Phillips
    Team Physician
    Dr. Michael Scarpone
    Team Physician
    Dr. Robert Schilken
  • Finance/Administration

    Executive Vice President & CFO
    Jim Plake
    Administrative Assistant
    Ava Parker
    Manager, Ticket Accounting & Reporting
    David Wysocki
    Staff Accountant
    Libby Felix
    Accounts Payable Supervisor
    Karen Gallagher
    Accounting Clerk
    Lorraine Moorhead
  • Human Resources

    Director of Human Resources
    Jamie Holewski
    Director of Employee Services
    Patti Mistick
    Manager, Payroll & Benefits
    Dineen Runkey
    Payroll Administrator
    Laura Kallop
    Risk Manager
    Leila Smith
    Manager, Human Resources
    Kimberlee Matthews
    Assistant, Human Resources
    Alyssa Myer
  • Information Technology

    Senior Director of Information Technology
    Terry Zeigler
    IT Operations Manager
    Jeff Hammond
    Manager, Business Systems
    Sunnie Fenk
    Network Administrator
    Chris DeBaker
    Network Administrator
    Bill Balzer
    Brian Hulick
    System Analyst
    Sonya Barber
    System Analyst
    Andrew Gibson
    Technical Analyst
    Christopher Zorich
  • Community and Public Affairs

    Senior Vice President, Community & Public Affairs
    Patty Paytas
    Administrative Assistant
    Robin Hanna
    Manager of Diversity Initiatives
    Chaz Kellem
    Director, Community Relations
    Michelle Mejia
    Coordinator, Community Relations
    Carlee Roethlisberger
    Development Specialist
    Jacqueline Hunter
    Community Relations Assistant
    Jona DeChellis
  • Communications

    Senior Director of Communications
    Brian Warecki
    Director of Broadcasting
    Marc Garda
    Director of Baseball Communications
    Jim Trdinich
    Director of Media Relations
    Dan Hart
    Coordinator, Business Communications & Social Media
    Terry Rodgers
    Team Photographer
    Dave Arrigo
    Play-by-Play Announcer
    Greg Brown
    Play-by-Play Announcer
    Tim Neverett
    Color Analyst/Alumni Representative
    Steve Blass
    Color Analyst
    Bob Walk
    Color Analyst
    John Wehner
  • Marketing

    Administrative Assistant
    Rebecca Ebert
    Senior Director, Marketing & Special Events
    Brian Chiera
    Director of Advertising & Creative Services
    Kiley Cauvel
    Director, Special Events
    Christine Serkoch
    Manager, Promotions
    Dan Millar
    Mascot Coordinator
    Alex Collins
    Director, PNC Park Events
    Ann Elder
    Account Executive, PNC Park Events
    Lisa Schneider
    Account Executive, PNC Park Events
    Kaitlyn Tymas
    Graphic Designer
    Dan Bogacz
    Graphic Designer
    Krystyn Kozlowski
    Graphic Designer
    Kaitlin Lusty
    Publications Designer
    Bree Main
    Coordinator, Advertising
    Cory Nestico
    Coordinator, Advertising
    Haley Volzer
    Media Producer
    Ken Brown
    Manager, In-Game Entertainment
    Matt Zidik
    Production Coordinator, In-Game Entertainment
    Paul Denillo
    Public Address Announcer
    Tim DeBacco
  • Alumni Affairs

    Director, Alumni Affairs, Promotions & Licensing
    Joe Billetdeaux
    Manager, Promotions, Licensing and Authentics
    Megan Vizzini
    Promotions Assistant
    John Fisher
    President, Pirates Alumni Association
    Kent Tekulve
    Liaison, Alumni Affairs
    Sally O'Leary
  • Corporate Sponsorships

    Senior Director, Corporate Sponsorship
    Aaron Cohn
    Manager, Client Services
    Mike DeMars
    Manager, Client Services
    Brittany Ryce
    Coordinator, Client Services
    Christina Friedberg
    Coordinator, Client Services
    Reggie Gossett
    Senior Account Executive
    Dave Shinsky
    Senior Account Executive
    Chris Stevens
    Account Executive
    Joe Arnstein
    Account Executive
    Ted Hritz
  • Season Ticket Service & Retention

    Senior Director, Ticket Sales & Service
    Chris Zaber
    Manager, Ticket Sales & Service
    Annie LaGreca
    Director, Season Ticket Service & Retention
    Jim Popovich
    Senior Account Executive
    Ryan Vizzini
    Senior Account Executive, Premium Seating Service & Retention
    Jordan Wadsworth
    Account Executive
    Alan Aldwell
    Account Executive
    Hali Dougherty-Brill
    Account Executive
    Val Kercher
    Account Executive
    Kyle Lefeber
    Account Executive
    Chuck Peterson
    Specialist, Premium Sales & Service
    Chelsea Cain
    Specialist, Customer Service
    Brandon McCarron
  • New Business Development

    Director, New Business Development
    Nick McNeil
    Inside Sales Manager
    Thomas Peluso
    Senior Account Manager
    Charlene Cheroke
    Account Manager
    Chad Glover
    Account Manager
    Kenny Koperda
    Account Manager
    Steve Morse
    Account Manager
    Kevin P. Roach
    Account Executive
    Joe Gehling
    Account Executive
    Jason Hill
    Account Executive
    Jeff Lesko
    Account Executive
    Chuck Lichty
    Account Executive
    Abbey Rarick
    Account Executive
    Adam Vogel
    Account Executive
    Chris Wellington
    Inside Sales Representative
    Will Davis
    Inside Sales Representative
    Adam Grof
    Inside Sales Representative
    Dev Kumar
    Inside Sales Representative
    Joe Meyers
    Inside Sales Representative
    Doug Perri
  • Group Ticket Sales & Service

    Director, Group Sales & Service
    Raven Jemison
    Account Executive
    Joshua Avart
    Account Executive
    Melissa Campbell
    Account Executive
    Elliott Crichfield
    Account Executive
    Angela Criscella
    Account Executive
    Ryan Erdman
    Account Executive
    Lauren Farrell
    Account Executive
    Andrew Giambroni
    Account Executive
    Alexandra Layman
    Account Executive
    Mark Niskach
    Account Executive
    Ryan Shapiro
  • Premium Sales

    Director, Suite Sales & Service
    Terri Smith
  • Analytics

    Senior Director, Business Analytics
    Jim Alexander
    Manager, Business Analytics
    Jason Witzberger
    Coordinator, CRM & Database
    Caitlin McKee
    Analytics Assistant
    Mia White
  • Ticket Operations

    Director, Ticket Operations
    Andrew Bragman
    Supervisor, Ticket Operations
    Casey Both
    Ticket Coordinator
    Amy Fisher
    Ticket Coordinator
    Dave Woncheck
    Ticket Coordinator
    Ed Bujalski
    Ticket Office Assistant
    Dan Kendro
    Ticket Office Assistant
    Nick Wargo
  • PNC Park Operations

    Executive Vice President & General Manager of PNC Park
    Dennis DaPra
    Senior Director of Ballpark Operations
    Chris Hunter
    Senior Director of Security and Contract Services
    Jeff Podobnik
    Guest Relations Manager
    Chuck Miller
    Cleaning Operations Manager
    Sissy Burkhart
    Cleaning Operations Coordinator
    Tina Greczek
    Cleaning Operations Night Manager
    Mike Foley
    Ballpark Maintenance Manager
    Jason Kobeda
    Ballpark Maintenance Coordinator
    Amy Wilson
    Operations Manager
    J.J. McGraw
    Operations Coordinator
    David Ebert
    Manager of Security/Service Operations
    Mark Weaver
    Operations Administrator
    Patty Mihalics
    Operations Coordinator
    Barb Gruber
    Director, Field Operations
    Manny Lopez
    Field Maintenance Supervisors
    Derek Hurlburt, Matt Gerhardt
    Ballpark Maintenance Workers
    Mike Adrian, Dan Dabecco, Jim Smith, Mike Welsh
    Supervisor, 24-Hour Security
    Chuck Neal
    24-Hour Security Officers
    Dave Allison, Rob Bessemer, Dana Craven, Jason Koval, Scott Mayhew, Matt Sobecki, Dennis Wittmer, Scott Yingling
  • Florida Operations

    Senior Director of Florida Operations
    Trevor Gooby
    General Manager and Manager of McKechnie Field, Florida Operations
    AJ Grant
    ESL and Florida Operations Coordinator
    Mayu Fielding
    Manager of Florida Operations
    Juan Rodriguez
    Manager, Sales & Marketing
    Rachelle Madrigal
    Coordinator, Sales & Marketing
    Stacy Morgan
    Coordinator, Sales & Business Operation
    Anne Putnam
    Coordinator, Sales
    Mike Warren
    Coordinator, Ticketing
    Justin Kristich
    Coordinator, Communications/Radio Broadcaster
    Nate March
    Coordinator of McKechnie Field Operations
    Zach DeCicco
    Coordinator of Florida Operations
    Ray Morris
    Florida IT Analyst
    Patrick Golus
    Accounting Associate
    Michael Theoret
    Superintendent of Grounds, McKechnie Field
    Victor Madrigal
    Superintendent of Grounds, Pirate City
    Andy Bartley
    Alfonso Aguilar, Domingo Gil, Andres Berrones Hernandez, Roberto Mancillas, Mark Plut, Hector Rodriguez, Pedro Silveren
    Minor League Equipment Manager
    Pat Hagerty
    Assistant Minor League Equipment Managers
    Joshua Hamp, Mark McKnight, Drake Corbino