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School Visits

The Toronto Blue Jays care about keeping kids healthy and physically fit. Each season, Blue Jays players visit schools and classrooms to promote healthy eating and regular exercise. The visits provide students with the opportunity to interact closely with Blue Jays players, allows them to ask questions. It helps them to learn how health and fitness are a key aspect of life as a professional athlete. Each of the visits has its own individual program, varying from physical games and activities to discussing nutrition and healthy eating.

Hutchison visits Lynngate Junior Public School

As a Major League pitcher, Drew Hutchison knows the importance of eating healthy and staying active. Drew visited Lynngate Junior Public School on May 8, 2014 to play a game of dodgeball, promoting physical fitness to the Grade 6 students. Drew's visit is just one more example of how as a club, the Blue Jays are committed to being part of the community and to educating youth about health and wellness.

Aaron Loup and Tim Leiper visit Dixon Grove Junior Middle School

Relief pitcher Aaron Loup, first-base coach Tim Leiper and Blue Jays mascot ACE visited Dixon Grove Junior Middle School on Thursday April 24 to put on a mini-clinic for the Grades 7-8 Athletic Council while encouraging healthy, active living.