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Security Policy


Major League Baseball announced in 2014 that it has mandated all 30 of its clubs to implement a heightened security screening process of fans beginning in 2015. This new MLB wide policy means that each MLB stadium will be required to use metal detectors or walk-through magnetometers at all entrances. The Blue Jays introduced the concept at Rogers Centre in September 2014 on a limited basis and fully with the HONDA Home Opener on April 13, 2015.

The Blue Jays are pleased to be working with our U.S. colleagues to ensure consistency in security practices across MLB.

Fan safety and security is our priority.


Following these tips can save you time during our security screening process!

All guests must go through our new MLB security measures. Here are some tips to help you get through like a pro and quickly.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to go through security especially during peak periods (20 minutes. prior to first pitch, promotional days and midweek afternoon games.) and have your tickets ready to be presented to our staff positioned at the entrance to our screening area.
  • Gate 7 has been designated as our Accessible Support Entrance for guests that may require assistance entering the stadium or getting to their seats. Guest with specific needs should contact the Guest Experience Team at 416-341-1707.
  • Cell phones, keys or any metal objects must be removed from your person and placed in our bowls before passing through our detectors
  • If you have any electronics such as tablets, cameras (both stills and video) take them out of any bags and present them to the security officer for manual inspections
  • Avoid wearing clothes with metal snaps and buttons, belts with large metal buckles, steel-toed shoes or shoes with metal arches or shanks.


Q: When are you going to start using metal detectors?
A: The metal detectors will be fully in use for our home opener. The Blue Jays introduced the new security screening process in September 2014. All Major League teams are required to be in full compliance by Opening Day 2015
Q: Why are the Blue Jays making this change?
A: Major League Baseball works closely with the Department of Homeland Security, and the other leagues. MLB is mandating this change to increase and standardize its security practices across the game. Fan safety is a priority for the Blue Jays and MLB – we believe this change poses minimal inconvenience for fans and provides an additional level of security screening.
Q: What can fans expect at the gates of Rogers Centre?
A: Security and event staff will be positioned throughout the perimeter of the stadium at all our entrances as in previous years. Fans with bags will be directed to designated "Bag Only" lanes. Note that bags may not exceed 16x16x8 inches as per MLB regulations. Security personnel will search these bags, just as they have since 2001. All other fans will be directed to our Express (No Bags) lanes. Security staff will be positioned at all inspection lanes and will ask fans to remove their cell phones, keys and any other heavy metal item from their pockets and place them in bowls at the inspection table. Fans will then pass through the walk-through metal detector. If the device detects something, that fan will be checked with a hand-held wand but only in the area where the alert was detected. Only after the screening process is completed will you be permitted into the stadium to have your ticket scanned.
Q: Do I have to take off my shoes, belts or jacket?
A: No you do not. While the process may look similar to traditional airport screening - you do not need to remove your jacket, belt or shoes. Watches, wallets and coins can also remain untouched.
Q: Does this mean it's going to take a long time to get through the gates before each game?
A: We are making every effort to ensure that this security enhancement doesn't slow down the process of getting into the stadium. However as in any new procedure there is a learning curve for both staff and fans. We would encourage fans to arrive a few minutes earlier especially on promotional days and midweek afternoon games. We appreciate your patience.
Q: Are the Blue Jays restricting bags?
A: No, we are not changing our bag policy. The Blue Jays will continue to allow bags, backpacks and purses, as long as the bags are not larger than 16" x 16" x 8". All bags, including women's purses, will continue to be inspected. Please consider not bringing a bag to the stadium – this will help reduce your wait time at our gates.
Q: Are metal detectors safe?
A: Metal detectors operate at a very low frequency of electromagnetic pulses. There is no exposure to radiation. The electromagnetic levels are lower than you are exposed to on a routine basis from using a cell phone or an automatic garage door opener. Metal detectors are safe for all individuals, including pregnant women, children and people with pacemakers. But if you are concerned about using the walk-thru or hand-held detectors, you can request a pat-down search. For more information on our metal detectors please refer to
Q: Will it hurt my pacemaker?
A: All security metal detectors are manufactured in compliance with international technical as well as medical standards. The risk of disrupting a pacemaker is negligible. However, if you are concerned, there is the option of a pat-down search by a member of our security staff.
Q: I have a medical implant that sets off metal detectors. What is going to happen to me at the gate?
A: Please advise our security staff of your need. Our detectors are set at a MLB approved level and in some cases certain conditions can be accounted for and eliminated as alarm triggers. But when the alarm arises, fans can be subjected to additional screening with a hand-held wand or gentle pat-down but only in the area where the alert was detected.
Q: What if I don't want to pass through the metal detector?
A: If the fan has a medical condition and does not want to go through the walk-through metal detector, they will be directed to a security officer at that gate who will provide you with a light pat-down search.
Q: Do children have to go through the metal detectors?
A: All people who enter Rogers Centre will have to go through the enhanced security screening process as required by MLB. Parents may carry infants and toddlers through the walk-through metal detectors. Children in strollers who are old enough and able to walk, may be asked to walk through on their own. If the detector alarms, children will be subject to either a hand-held wand inspection or a light pat-down.
Q: Can I still bring a stroller through the metal detector? What about a wheelchair?
A: People with strollers and those who use wheelchairs can use gate 7,3,13, 11 or 5 to enter. We will have designated entry lanes at these gates for fans with special needs. In these cases, inspections will be conducted with a hand-held metal detector or with a gentle pat-down.
Q: Can I bring in my pocketknife?
A: No. We do not allow any knives into the Rogers Centre for security reasons.