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Morning Lineup Trivia

Answers to the burning Qs posed by your favorite daily e-mail. Read and learn, baseball fans... (or, pat yourself on the back if you knew the answer!)

July 30, 2016
Q: Who was the last player with 100 or more RBIs in a season in which he hit fewer than 10 home runs?
A: Paul Molitor (9 HR, 113 RBIs in 1996 for the Twins)
July 29, 2016
Q: On this date in 2013, who became the oldest Major Leaguer to hit a walk-off homer?
A: Jason Giambi (42 years, 202 days)
July 28, 2016
Q: Who holds the Twins' single-season record for strikeouts by a right-hander?
A: Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven (258 strikeouts in 1973)
July 27, 2016
Q: On this day in 2011, which team snapped a club-record 17-game losing streak?
A: Mariners (9-2 victory vs. Yankees)
July 26, 2016
Q: Who holds the Cubs' single-season saves record?
A: Randy Myers (53 saves in 1993)
July 25, 2016
Q: Who holds the Astros' single-season record for home runs by a second baseman?
A: Jeff Kent (27 in 2004)
July 24, 2016
Q: Who joined Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, and Honus Wagner in the Hall of Fame's inaugural class in 1936?
A: Christy Mathewson
July 23, 2016
Q: Who holds the Major League record for home runs hit by a rookie shortstop?
A: Nomar Garciaparra, BOS (30 in 1997)
July 22, 2016
Q: Who was the last left-handed hitter to join the 3,000-hit club?
A: Rafael Palmeiro (2005)
July 21, 2016
Q: Who was the last Red Sox first baseman to hit three home runs in a game?
A: Kevin Millar (7/23/04, in an 8-7 loss to the Yankees)
July 20, 2016
Q: Which three players active this season have more than 100 career triples?
A: Carl Crawford (123), Jose Reyes (118), Jimmy Rollins (115)
July 19, 2016
Q: Who is the only Dodgers third baseman with a 200-hit season since they moved to Los Angeles?
A: Adrian Beltre (200 hits in 2004)
July 18, 2016
Q: Eleven times a pitcher has won at least 20 games and lost at least 20 games in a season. Which Hall of Famer was the last to do so?
A: Phil Niekro (21-20 for the Braves in 1979)
July 17, 2016
Q: Which pitcher started for the Yankees when Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hit streak ended?
A: Lefty Gomez (vs. Indians on July 17, 1941)