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Morning Lineup Trivia

Answers to the burning Qs posed by your favorite daily e-mail. Read and learn, baseball fans... (or, pat yourself on the back if you knew the answer!)

December 18, 2017
Q: Who was the first Twins outfielder to win a Gold Glove Award?
A: Tony Oliva, 1966
December 17, 2017
Q: Who are the only two players in Dodgers history to surpass 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases in a season?
A: Matt Kemp (2011) and Raul Mondesi (1997 and '99)
December 16, 2017
Q: Who is the only Phillies player to win a Gold Glove Award at first base?
A: Bill White (1966)
December 15, 2017
Q: Who was the last Cardinals outfielder to reach 40 home runs in a season?
A: Jim Edmonds (42 in 2004)
December 14, 2017
Q: Which pitcher has the most career Gold Glove Awards in Angels history, with five?
A: Mark Langston (1991-95)
December 13, 2017
Q: Which Major League club is also the name of Bruce Springsteen's Little League team, which he mentions in the first line of the first song on his first album?
A: The lyric: "Madman drummers bummers and Indians in the summer with a teenage diplomat," from "Blinded By the Light" on the album Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. (1973)
December 12, 2017
Q: Evan Longoria's .483 career slugging percentage is second in Rays history (along with Carlos Pena). Who is the leader?
A: Fred McGriff (.484)
December 11, 2017
Q: Who are the only two Tigers players to hit two home runs in a World Series game?
A: Kirk Gibson (1984 Game 5) and Alan Trammell (1984 Game 4)
December 10, 2017
Q: Who are the only reigning home run champions from each league to be teammates on Opening Day?
A: Hank Greenberg and Ralph Kiner, PIT (1947)
December 9, 2017
Q: Who is the other Angel, along with Mike Trout, to win AL Rookie of the Year?
A: Tim Salmon (1995)
December 8, 2017
Q: Who is the only player besides Dee Gordon to lead the National League in stolen bases in any of the past four seasons?
A: Jonathan Villar, MIL (62 in 2016)
December 7, 2017
Q: Who are the only two catchers with more career RBIs than Johnny Bench's 1,376?
A: Yogi Berra (1,430) and Ted Simmons (1,389)
December 6, 2017
Q: Which first baseman has the most hits in MLB over the past three seasons?
A: Jose Abreu (550 hits since the start of 2015)
December 5, 2017
Q: Who is the only player to collect 1,000 RBIs in the 1970s?
A: Hall of Famer Johnny Bench (1,013)