14U NTIS Frequently Asked Questions

Updated May 7, 2008

14U NTIS Update:

Due to anticipated changes in the 2009 COPABE international competition schedule at the "A" level (14U), USA Baseball has adopted the following changes to the 2008 14U National Team Identification Series (NTIS).

The 2008 14U NTIS will now be used to identify players for both the 2008 and 2009 USA Baseball 14U National Teams. The 2008 National Team will compete in Guatemala City, Guatemala, in November 2008 and we anticipate the 2009 National Team will compete in to-be-determined location in the summer of 2009.

Because of this change, teams at the 2008 NTIS will include players born both in 1994 and 1995. Players looking for the opportunity to play on the 2009 14U National Team (1995 birth dates) will compete in the 2008 NTIS. This event will serve as an identification event for the 2009 USA Baseball 14U National Team.

Beginning in 2009, the NTIS in the Fall of each year will identify players (1996 birth dates for 2009 NTIS) that will compete on the following calendar year's 14U National Team (2010 14U National Team for 2009 NTIS).

Q: What happened to the USA Baseball Champions Program? Will any events be scheduled for this year?

A: USA Baseball is no longer running the Champions Program. The last Champions event took place in the Fall of 2007, the USA Baseball 14U National Team will now be selected exclusively through the National Team Identification Series (NTIS).

Q: How will USA Baseball select the USA Stars roster (at-large teams)?

A: After the teams competing in the NTIS have finalized the majority of their own rosters, a committee including USA Baseball's 14U National Team Director and the 2008 USA Baseball 14U National Team coaching staff will select the players on the at-large teams.

It is important to be mindful that the teams coming to the NTIS will consist of the best TEAM makeup, not the best 18 players. For example, if team has 4 outstanding catchers but only wants to bring 3 to the event, the director of the team can recommend the 4th catcher for one of the USA Stars teams as a player who deserves to be at the NTIS but doesn't quite fit into the roster makeup of the team.

Q: Does USA Baseball intend to pick the 14U National Team almost entirely from the USA Stars at-large team in the NTIS?

A: No. The USA Stars rosters will not be selected until AFTER the teams competing in the event have finalized the majority of their own rosters. The official roster deadline for the teams competing in the NTIS is August 8, 2008 with the official USA Stars roster announcements not being made until August 13, 2008.

Q: I am a coach who has a 14U or 13U team, how can I get my players involved in the NTIS?

A: In 2008, the inaugural year, the NTIS has been limited to a six team events that will be drawing players from all over the country.

To get more information please direct your players and families to www.usabaseball.com and click on the "NTIS" link in the events module, contact information for all of the participating teams can be found through that link.