Request for Sanction

QUESTION: What is a sanction and who must have one?

ANSWER: A sanction from USA Baseball is required whenever an amateur athlete or team chooses to play baseball outside the country or when an international team is being hosted in the United States. This sanction - or permission - is required as stated in the Amateur Sports Act of 1978 and is designed for the protection of the rights and status of amateur athletes who seek international experience. USA Baseball sanctions only amateur players. To protect the amateur eligibility of a team, school or player, check with USA Baseball prior to taking a group to another country, hosting an international team, or allowing an amateur player to participate with or against players from other nations

DIRECTIONS: Please read the following information which describes the procedures for acquiring a sanction from USA Baseball, the national governing body for amateur baseball in the United States. To acquire an official sanction, complete the enclosed Application for Sanction and return it along with the appropriate fee to USA Baseball.

1. USA Baseball serves as the official sanctioning agent for amateur baseball as directed by the Amateur Sports Act of 1978, and serves as the national governing body for amateur baseball as appointed by the United States Olympic Committee. As directed by the Amateur Sports Act and the USOC, no amateur player or team may participate in international baseball until they receive official sanction from USA Baseball in writing.

2. Separate sanction must also be obtained, where applicable, from the national organization(s) a team or individual represents (e.g. National Federation of State High School Associations, NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA, Pony Baseball, American Legion, Little League Baseball, etc.)

3. Sanctioning Fees:

Team Sanction: $50.00
Player Sanction: $20.00

4. Roster of the team(s) and itinerary must be sent to USA Baseball prior to departure with the Application for Sanction form.

5. Awards and gifts given to participants must adhere to the limitations set forth by its respective national organization(s).

6. The sponsor of the trip and athletic events must provide insurance coverage for all participants.