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Nationals Summer Camps


Nationals Baseball Campss Nationals Baseball Camps Nationals Baseball Campss

Developing Ballplayers, Leaders & Young Nationals Fans!

Washington Nationals Summer Camps offer boys and girls ages 5-13 - of all abilities - the ultimate Major League experience, with one-week sessions in convenient locations around the Washington, D.C. area. Join fellow teammates for a week of top-notch baseball instruction combined with unforgettable moments, such as meeting a current Nationals player and touring the field at Nationals Park in an official Nationals uniform.

This is the baseball summer camp experience kids dream about. Our professional Nationals coaching staff is the best in the area and committed to the individual development of each ballplayer.


The curriculum for Nationals Summer Camps is designed and implemented by our Nationals Summer Camps Director of Curriculum Roc Murray, a highly decorated baseball coach and professional scout from California. Roc has coached, tutored, and trained ballplayers at various levels of age and skill for the past 30 years with incredible distinction. His experience and recognition includes:

  • 2009 ABCA/Diamond High School Division II West Region Coach of the Year
  • 2010 California Coaches Association Coach of the Year
  • MLB Scout
  • Curriculum and training implementation for various NCAA teams

Our Nationals Camp curriculum employs simple yet comprehensive principles of the physical world around us. These principles are paired with straightforward vocabulary designed to promote fluid, consistent, and productive movement. By pairing physical principles with clear-cut vocabulary, the time necessary to understand fundamental baseball skills is compressed. The direct benefit for the campers, as well as parents, is the development of a tangible skill set over a short period of time. The application of the basic skills learned during Nationals Camp will provide each player with a springboard for future baseball learning.

The Washington Nationals Summer Camps coaching staff is comprised of professionally trained coaches with extensive experience at the youth, high school, collegiate and professional coaching levels. We specifically target teachers and educators with outstanding backgrounds working with and motivating children and extensive background checks are performed.

Aside from considerable experience on the field, our coaches are all motivators and teachers with goals that stretch beyond teaching the game of baseball. Through our all-camper assemblies and daily individual and teamwork challenges, we strive to teach the core values of leadership, teamwork and effort over results. It is our mission that each camper has the experience of a lifetime and leaves our camps as both a stronger baseball player and a better leader off the field- not to mention a more dedicated Nationals fan!


Campers will be provided an official Nationals Camp uniform on the first morning of their camp session. Our coaches will supervise this process, and ensure that campers receive a uniform that fits well.

On the first day of the session, campers should arrive dressed as follows:
  • Regular T-shirt (regular cotton or performance wear)
  • Athletic shorts or sweat pants
  • Shoes/Cleats of choice
  • Please note there is no need to wear or bring a hat as one will be provided.

Campers should also bring an athletic bag in which to place their change of clothing once they receive their official Nationals Camp uniform. Any clothing that your camper is not wearing underneath the uniform may be placed in this bag to go home at the end of the day.

Your camper will have access to a private changing area and/or bathroom where our coaches will supervise at all times from outside the room/door. We will only help campers if they request assistance. Every Nationals Camp staff member has had an official criminal and sex offender background check. In addition, it is our policy that there are always two coaches with a child or group of children, so children are never left alone with a single coach or staff member at any time during the camp day.

Prior to stepping on the field, our staff will confirm that each camper's uniform fits properly. In the event that a size exchange is necessary, we will provide the correct size to your camper.

Campers will engage in light on-field baseball activity once their uniform fitting process is complete. When all campers have received their Nationals Camp uniform, camp will officially open!


The following are some frequently asked questions regarding our camp programs. If you cannot find the answer to your question, or would like to speak with someone in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the camp hours?
Camp runs from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Optional extended day programs are available before and after camp.
What does my child need to bring to camp?
  • Official Washington Nationals Summer Camps uniform and cap (provided to each player on the first day of camp)
  • Baseball glove
  • Cleats or athletic shoes (please bring sneakers for inclement weather)
  • Sunscreen and/or sun-stick
  • Lunch in a well-marked lunch bag (we keep lunches in a cool area, but do not refrigerate them)
  • Snack (for campers 6 and under)
  • Water bottle (we provide plenty of water at all times)
Do you separate children by age and grade?
We do. All Nationals campers are appropriately separated into groups by their rising grade. We also take into consideration physical strength and ability. We do our best to keep buddies together. We ask that families understand and respect that grouping decisions are made by the Site Director and Program Director and not the parents.
How do I enroll for a Washington Nationals Baseball Summer Camp?
Please click the 'Enroll Now' button on the 'Overview' or 'Locations & Dates' tab to enroll. Since Washington Nationals Summer Camps have very limited enrollment, we encourage you to register early.
What are Nationals Camps policies on refunds, credits and transfers?
Please see our "Policies" tab.
Do you accept "walk-up" registrations?
Due to the fact that we expect each camp week to sell out, we do not accept walk-up registrations.
Do I receive a confirmation when I register?
Once you register and pay for your camp program(s), you will receive a camp confirmation email for your records. You will not receive a confirmation telephone call or any USPS correspondence. However, you will receive an informational email the week prior to the camp week. This email will provide you with all information necessary to prepare for camp including carpool information, a list of what to bring to camp, directions and more.
Is there a camp orientation?
We do not run Nationals Camps orientation sessions. Uniforms will be handed out on the first day of camp - see "Uniforms" tab.
Do I need to complete any health forms for my child to participate?
Each camper will have to complete health forms order to participate in the Washington Nationals Summer Camps. These forms are required by both the County and the State in most of our camp locations. We will also email these forms to you in PDF format after you enroll online.
What is the camper to counselor ratio at Nationals Summer Camps?
In each Washington Nationals Baseball Summer Camp we aim to provide a unique environment where campers are able to benefit from individual and small group learning and instruction. For our younger campers (6 and under), our goal is to maintain a camper to counselor ratio of approximately 6:1. For older campers (7 and up), the approximate ratio is 8:1.
How do you handle inclement weather?
Regardless of weather, camp will never be canceled or rained out! If the camp encounters heavy rains or thunderstorms or if the fields are too damp to play on, we will temporarily move the programs inside. If we see lightning or hear thunder, outdoor camp programs are immediately brought inside as we take extreme precaution to ensure that attending campers are safe.
What precautions do you take to handle the summer heat?
Our entire Leadership Team and Coaching Staff are well aware that the summer heat can drain a camper throughout the day and week. Water is always available, and campers are encouraged to take water breaks approximately every 15-20 minutes. We take the heat, the humidity index and the air quality index seriously. On a daily basis, the Washington Nationals Summer Camp Director communicates with the Site Directors at each camp location to discuss the heat and air index. On extremely hot days (Code Red) and for those campers spending the majority of their time playing outdoors, participants will take mandatory and extended breaks throughout the day, an extended lunch break and plenty of water breaks.
Can Washington Nationals Summer Camps accommodate children with peanut or life-threatening allergies?
Yes. Families with children who have peanut, nut, or other life-threatening allergies can feel safe and comfortable at our summer camps. We are well aware of the dangers and concerns with allergies and take our allergy procedures and systems seriously. Upon registration (and in the morning of each camp day), our Leadership Team will take special note of the children with allergies by placing a mandatory, but inconspicuous, colored paper bracelet around the child's wrist marked with the child's name for identification purposes (in case of EpiPen use, etc). During lunch and snack breaks, we have a separate "nut free" area, taking special care not to make campers with allergies feel alienated from other camps and teammates. At the end of each eating period, we require all campers to wash their hands with soap and warm water to ensure they thoroughly clean their hands. If you have any questions about our policies, please feel free to contact the camp office anytime or see the Site Leader on location. If your child requires an EpiPen at camp, please be sure to place the EpiPen in a clear plastic bag along with a head shot photo of the child and the name of the camper printed on the bag. This bag (and any necessary instructions) should be presented to the location Site Leader upon check-in on Monday morning. The EpiPen should stay on location throughout the week and then picked up on Friday. All counselors in charge of campers with life-threatening allergies wear a first aid fanny pack at all times which contain the appropriate EpiPen(s). Please note that these procedures and policies will be clearly communicated in advance of each camp week for those families who will be working with us in this regard.
Do you provide lunch?
We partner with Smart Lunches to offer nutritious meals delivered directly to camp. If you'd like to take advantage of this convenient option, please visit where you can create an online account, order and purchase healthy lunches for your Nationals camper(s). Please note: lunch is already included for campers enrolled in the Episcopal High School session from August 3 -7, 2015.


Credits & Refunds
Due to the limited enrollment and popularity of Nationals Camps programs, there are no refunds of either deposits made or payment in full. Please see below for credit and transfer policies.
Cancellation due to Medical Reason
If a camper cannot attend camp due to medical reasons, Nationals Camps requires notice and a signed physician note scanned to our office ( prior to the start date of camp. The camp registration may be transferred to either of the following:
  • Another camp session in the same year that is not sold out (full credit; no additional fees)
  • Any camp session the following year (85% credit of the camp tuition)
Disciplinary Issues
Nationals Camps reserves the right to dismiss any camper, at any time, due to circumstances that indicate the camper's needs may no longer be met or the child is not a good fit for our program. This will occur without a refund (or portion thereof) or credit towards a future program. This will occur only after parent/staff discussion has occurred.
Parents/guardians are asked to apply sunscreen to their camper(s) before they arrive each day. Staff will also remind and supervise campers as they reapply sunscreen throughout the day. If sunscreen is needed and a child does not have their own, the camp may provide sunscreen to be applied unless there is written notice to the contrary from a parent or guardian. Sunscreen sent to camp must be labeled with the child's first and last name.
Electronics, Toys & Trading Cards
Please do not send your camper to camp with any electronics, toys or trading cards. These items are easy for campers to misplace and are not necessary for your camper to have a great experience at Nationals Camps.


Washington Nationals Camps Enrollment Team
Phone: 202-715-6683
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