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03.18.09: Japan outlasts Korea in Classic final

Commissioner Selig discusses the Classic

Japan is presented the World Baseball Classic trophy

3/23: Classic Today - Japan wins the Classic

Daisuke Matsuzka wins the 2009 Classic MVP award

Matsuzaka posted a 3-0 record, striking out 13

Japan receives gold medals for winning the Classic

JPN@KOR: Ichiro hits a two-run single to center

JPN@KOR: Darvish strikes out Jeong to close out Korea

JPN@KOR: Iwakuma pitches strong for 7 2/3 innings

JPN@KOR: Korea stops Japan's seventh-inning rally

JPN@KOR: Uchikawa throws Ko out at second

JPN@KOR: Shin-Soo Choo hits a home run to center

JPN@KOR: Bum Ho Lee hits a game-tying single to left

JPN@KOR: Ichiro runs one down near the wall