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Umpires for 2009 World Baseball Classic announced

Umpires selected span nine competing countries

World Baseball Classic Headlines


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World Baseball Classic, Inc. today announced the umpires selected for all 2009 World Baseball Classic games.

Thirty-six (36) umpires, spanning nine of the countries competing in the tournament, have been assigned to World Baseball Classic games. Umpire crews will be comprised equally of both Major League Baseball umpires and international umpires. Four-umpire crews will work the games of the first two rounds and six-man crews will be assigned to the games of the Semi-Finals and Final.

Twenty-one (21) of the 36 World Baseball Classic umpires are full-time members of the Major League staff, including crew chiefs Derryl Cousins, Dana DeMuth and Joe West. Also among the choices are four members of Nippon Professional Baseball (Minoru Nakamura, Masato Tomoyose, Hitoshi Watarida and Masami Yoshikawa) and two members of the Korean Baseball Organization (Seong Hoon Moon and Seok Hwan Oh).

Uni. #Last Name, First Name, Country
67Barksdale, Lance (USA)
65Barrett, Ted (USA)
56Cooper, Eric (USA)
13Cousins, Derryl (USA)
6Davis, Corrie (Canada)
32DeMuth, Dana (USA)
63Diaz, Laz (USA)
1Dreckman, Bruce (USA)
2DuPont, Stephane (Canada)
50Emmel, Paul (USA)
3Estivison, Edgar (Panama)
49Fletcher, Andy (USA)
53Gibson, Greg (USA)
15Hickox, Ed (USA)
51Hudson, Marvin (USA)
4Hyham, Paul (Australia)
58Iassogna, Dan (USA)
46Kulpa, Ron (USA)
Uni. #Last Name, First Name, Country
41Meals, Jerry (USA)
26Miller, Bill (USA)
7Moon, Seong Hoon (Korea)
11Nakamura, Minoru (Japan)
5Oh, Seok Hwan (Korea)
14Perez, Jorge (Cuba)
8Ramirez, Luis (Mexico)
19Rapuano, Ed (USA)
9Rey, Carlos (Puerto Rico)
10Rodriguez, Willie (Puerto Rico)
12Toledo, Dan (Mexico)
22Tomoyose, Masato (Japan)
27Vanover, Larry (USA)
31Watarida, Hitoshi (Japan)
47Wegner, Mark (USA)
21Wendelstedt, Hunter (USA)
22West, Joe (USA)
17Yoshikawa, Masami (Japan)

This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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