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Name Num Organization B/T Height Weight Birth Date
Chen, Hung-Wen99Chicago CubsR/R5'11" 210lbs 02/03/1986
Cheng, Chi-Hung51Pittsburgh PiratesL/L6'1" 210lbs 06/20/1985
Cheng, Kai-Wen20Chinese TaipeiR/R5'9" 170lbs 07/26/1988
Keng, Po-Hsuan90Chinese TaipeiR/R6'1" 235lbs 10/15/1984
Lee, C.C.12Cleveland IndiansR/R5'11" 190lbs 10/21/1986
Liao, Yu-Cheng47Chinese TaipeiR/R5'10" 175lbs 09/04/1980
Lin, Ko-Chien98Chinese TaipeiR/R5'9" 155lbs 05/05/1986
Lin, Po-Yu81R/R6'0" 215lbs 09/16/1986
Lin, Yueh-Ping11Chinese TaipeiR/R5'9" 155lbs 01/28/1982
Lo, Chia-Jen48Houston AstrosR/R5'11" 205lbs 04/07/1986
Ni, Fu-Te21Detroit TigersL/L6'0" 170lbs 11/14/1982
Tang, Chia-Chun62L/L5'10" 170lbs 12/21/1984
Tseng, Sung-Wei42Cleveland IndiansR/R5'10" 195lbs 12/28/1984
Kao, Chih-Kang34Chinese TaipeiR/R5'10" 165lbs 02/07/1981
Kuo, Yi-Feng36Chinese TaipeiR/R6'0" 205lbs 03/24/1976
Lin, Kun-Sheng15R/R5'10" 180lbs 03/08/1987
Chiang, Chih-Hsien25Boston Red SoxL/R6'2" 195lbs 02/21/1988
Kao, Kuo-Ching4Chinese TaipeiR/R5'11" 205lbs 10/06/1978
Kuo, Yen-Wen7Cincinnati RedsL/R5'10" 175lbs 10/25/1988
Lin, Han10Chinese TaipeiR/R5'9" 185lbs 01/24/1985
Lin, Yi-Chuan22Chinese TaipeiL/R5'11" 180lbs 11/11/1985
Peng, Cheng-Min23Chinese TaipeiR/R6'0" 200lbs 08/06/1978
Wang, Sheng-Wei14Chinese TaipeiR/R5'10" 155lbs 04/01/1984
Chan, Chih-Yao8Chinese TaipeiL/L5'10" 183lbs 01/02/1983
Kuo, Tai-Chi24Chinese TaipeiS/L5'11" 170lbs 10/16/1981
Lin, Che-Hsuan44Boston Red SoxR/R6'0" 180lbs 09/21/1988
Lin, Wei-Chu31Hanshin TigersL/L5'10" 175lbs 01/22/1979
Pan, Wu-Hsiung55Chinese TaipeiL/L5'10" 180lbs 03/11/1981