World Series 2001 |
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World Series 2001
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No shame
Despite their Game 7 loss, Mike Stanton and the Yankees take pride in what they accomplished.  More>
We did it!
Reggie Sanders and the Diamondbacks reached their goal: a World Series championship.  More>
 Media Beat
Brenly's mike pays dividends
FOX's relationship with former broadcaster Bob Brenly proved a bonus to TV viewers. More>
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Baseball Perspectives
Valentine: Great Series was great for baseball
As Mets manager Bobby Valentine wraps up his analysis of the 2001 World Series, he discusses the various managerial moves, asks what happened to the Yankee bats, and describes what he considers poetic justice.  More>
Smith: Yanks will be back... count on it
The World Series trophy finally rests somewhere other than New York for the first time in three years, but that's likely only a temporary thing.'s Paul C. Smith writes that all the ingredients are in place for Roger Clemens (right) and the Yankees to be right back in the hunt again in 2002 and beyond.  More>
Mayo: D-Backs end Yankee dynasty
It's always sweet to win a championship. But for the Diamondbacks, this title is doubly sweet because they beat the three-time defending World Series champs.'s Jonathan Mayo checks in with the new champions, and notes that the veterans from Arizona have plenty of respect for the guys they knocked off.  More>
Browne: As Rivera goes, so go Yanks
It was never really any secret -- Mariano Rivera (right) has been the key to the Yankees' incredible run of World Series titles. That is why it was all so utterly shocking when it was over and the Yankees weren't the world champs. It wasn't so much that the Diamondbacks won the game by a 3-2 score. It was how they won.  More>

 From the Mailbag
"As much as I would like to see the D-Backs and their last-chance group of veterans finally win rings, I think the Yankees are destined to win it all again."
--Brad Cohan, New York

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Mann: Great year, great moment
It's fitting, writes's Dinn Mann, that this season was capped by one last memorable moment.  More>
Leach: Gonzo ends pair of curses
Luis Gonzalez, an ex-Cub who hit 57 homers in 2001, might have sunk the Diamondbacks. But the new century has brought new rules.  More>
Mayo: Arizona vets earned it
After a long wait, several D-Backs veterans finally got to taste championship champagne.  More>
Fans share their perspectives on Game 7

Bauman: D-Backs beat best to be the best

Browne: Not enough ado about Tino