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World Series 2001
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10/31/2001 12:15 PM ET
Bauman: Game 3 not Miller's time
Miller misplayed a foul ball hit by Alfonso Soriano in the fourth inning.
  • D-Backs' defense has night to forget

    NEW YORK -- Damian Miller was sitting alone at a table in the Yankee Stadium visitors' clubhouse, eating his postgame meal. It appeared that the mashed potatoes were his favorite course.

    He glanced up when he noticed a throng of reporters gathered in the vicinity of his locker. "Who are they talking to?" he asked a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks' public relations staff.

    "They are waiting to talk to you," was the reply.

    "What the hell did I do?" Miller said. "It was what I didn't do."

    But with that, Miller left much of his meal uneaten, and dutifully marched over to his locker to face the music. What he didn't do was catch any of three pop-ups that all, at one point or another, seemed catchable. It was a strange performance from a man regarded, at worst, as a solid defensive catcher. In fact, just last week, during the NLCS, his manager, Bob Brenly, had been suggesting that Miller was the National League's Gold Glove catcher.