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World Series 2001
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11/02/2001 04:02 AM ET
Sanders: D-Backs will get new life in desert
Reggie Sanders congratulates Rod Barajas on his fifth-inning homer.
Signed as a free agent in the offseason, Arizona outfielder Reggie Sanders played a pivotal role in steering the Diamondbacks to the 2001 World Series. Sanders is sharing his thoughts with throughout the Series. Here was his take after Arizona's stunning 3-2 Game 5 loss at Yankee Stadium on Thursday night.

NEW YORK -- It's hard to describe. It's been pandemonium around here the last couple of days. You just shake your head and wonder. You honestly don't know what to think.

It's really, really good to get away from here and regroup, and the best way to do that is at home in front of our fans.

That's just baseball. There has to be a winner. They had the magic working for them again.

It was an amazing night for the Yankee fans and the Yankee players for it to happen again. If you had told me, I wouldn't have believed it. I wouldn't have believed it would happen the first time, let alone the second time. But they pulled it out.

Someone asked me after the first loss how we would cope and I said we could deal with one like that. Now we have two. But you know, we just have to get through it. We don't have a choice. Was it a very tough loss? Yes. But the best thing we can do is move on and get the karma working for us again in front of our fans.

I am sure that the Yankees are thinking that the momentum will carry over. And the probably believe that we are way down. But we aren't at all. We are going to be OK. We get a chance to go back to our place with our two big guys (Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling). We have been with these guys all year and they have done it for us time and time again.

They will have (Andy) Pettitte going on Saturday. He's a guy who is around the plate a lot. We know that he's one of their best pitchers, particularly in the postseason. Our plan is to try and put pressure on him quickly and go from there. It makes it a little easier when you see a guy for the second time in the same series.

Remember, we have had our backs up against the wall all year long -- and come through. There's no reason for us to think that it will be any different this time. But honestly, we didn't think it was going to be this tough, God.


You hate to see them come back against (Byung-Hyun) Kim, because he's a guy who works extremely hard. To have it happen like that can be devastating mentally. But he's a strong individual and he has a lot of support in this clubhouse. The guys in here are going to help him get through it.

I thought we were going to pull it out tonight. I was surprised that they played back (in double-play depth) in the 11th (with the bases loaded). In a situation like that, all I am doing is trying to put the ball in play and make something happen. I hit the ball hard. I really thought it was going up the middle. And to see the second baseman (Alfonso Soriano) catch it was very frustrating. It goes to show that everything that Torre does is working right now.

But we haven't swung the bats very well. We scored enough runs where we thought we were going to win. But we allowed the Yankees to come back strong as they always seem to do. And basically, they played better baseball than we did. But now we are going back home in front of our fans. We need to get our mystique, as they call it here, going for us again.

Reggie Sanders is an outfielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks.